100 Things You Can Only Do In Europe - Part 1

Annelise Moult

By Annelise Moult
16 Jan 2020

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When it comes to unique things to see and do, Europe really hits it out of the park. There’s nowhere quite like it - where else can you visit monasteries perched on hilltops, join 20,000 people in the world’s largest tomato fight or watch a sunrise filled with hot air balloons?

Europe is overflowing with one of a kind, once in a lifetime experiences. The real question is, which one will you tick off first?

  1. Paragliding over snow-capped mountains in a valley topped with wooden cabins - Lauterbrunnen
  2. Kayak through caves and hidden lagoons along the cliff faces of the rugged Algarve Coast - Lagos
  3. Shop for fresh ingredients and make tapas with the help of a local chef - Barcelona
  4. Watch a red and orange sunset in front of white-washed blue domed houses overlooking the Mediterranean - Santorini
  5. Put on your best pirate stripes and swords and dance the night away with fellow shipmates – Makarska
  6. Watch hundreds of hot air balloons rise with the sun over chimney-like karsts - Cappadocia

  7. Take a horseback ride through rolling hills, sampling local wines and fresh olive oils - Tuscany
  8. Feast on a picnic of wine and cheese under the glittering Eiffel Tower - Paris
  9. Hike between 5 villages with breath-taking views and colourful homes perched precariously on cliff faces – Cinque Terre
  10. Watch authentic flamenco dancing as the passionate dancers twirl to the intense music of guitars and castanets - Madrid
  11. Ride a gondola through a network of canals, passing beautiful buildings and quaint streets - Venice
  12. Visit monasteries perched high on hilltops with views of incredible rock formations - Meteora

  13. Enjoy steins and pork knuckles with other happy revellers at the biggest beer festival in the world - Munich
  14. Jump off the top deck of a boat into the cool refreshing waters of the bright blue Adriatic - Croatia
  15. Visit the home of paella and enjoy the delicious varieties, including fresh seafood and rabbit – Valencia
  16. Savour the sweet, melt in your mouth taste of a pastel de nata, best served fresh from the oven with a coffee in the morning - Lisbon
  17. Eat a fresh stroopwafel, enjoying the sugar hit from the delicious chewy caramel - Amsterdam
  18. Strap on your goggles and join the world’s biggest tomato fight with 20,000 other people in a tiny rural village – Bunol
  19. Show off your moves at a world-renowned superclub to the music of the best DJ’s around - Ibiza
  20. Savour the taste of delicious gyros, and immediately feel the need to eat them for every meal - Greece
  21. Listen to world class music acts at a 7-day party on the Island of Freedom - Budapest
  22. Take a boat to the breath-taking Blue Grotto, with water illuminated in brilliant blue hues - Capri
  23. Spend Halloween in the birthplace of Dracula, surrounded by spooky myths and legends - Transylvania
  24. Party in an iconic ruin bar, a pre-war building furnished with quirky furniture and a vibrant atmosphere - Budapest
  25. Eat a delicious flaky pastry, filled with warm custard or fruit, sitting on the water’s edge in front of brightly coloured houses - Copenhagen
  26. Row a boat out to a picture-perfect church that sits on an island in the middle of a lake – Lake Bled
  27. Say hello to local cows as you stroll past green valleys and glacial waterfalls - Lauterbrunnen
  28. Visit ‘The Top of Europe’ and frolic on the snowy peaks against a mountainous backdrop - Lauterbrunnen
  29. Take a cross to the mysterious Hill of Crosses, and add it to the eerily beautiful collection that already exists - Lithuania
  30. Take the perfect photo on the expansive salt flats at Lake Tuz, testing poses until you get the best shot - Turkey
  31. Party at a massive EDM music festival with world-class DJ’s and spend the next day recovering on a golden beach - Split
  32. Hike to the Kotor fortress and be rewarded with views of a lifetime - Montenegro

  33. Sit down to a huge plate of famous lasagne after a long day exploring and hiking - Grunau
  34. Take a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, plucked straight from a storybook and the inspiration behind the iconic Disney castle - Munich
  35. Visit the green paradise of Sintra and get lost in its fairytale gardens and stone pathways - Portugal

  36. Snorkel amongst sunken ruins and make friends with hundreds of beautiful fish - Turkey
  37. Dine al fresco with a selection of tapas and a pitcher of sangria on a late balmy summer’s evening - Spain
  38. Take a refreshing dip at Krka National Park in water so blue it requires no filter - Croatia
  39. Join a bike tour and ride through cobblestone lanes past quaint homes and stores - Bruges
  40. Run through fields singing The Sound of Music at the top of your lungs and re-enacting every scene from the film - Salzburg
  41. Visit the home of Bolognese and fill up on the famous cuisine - Bologna
  42. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and make that all important wish - Rome
  43. Sit in a leafy beer garden with a stein and a pretzel with the perfect ratio of warm dough and salt - Munich
  44. Watch surfers ride the man-made waves on a river in the middle of the city - Munich
  45. See a show at famous Moulin Rouge and imagine you’ve stepped back in time - Paris
  46. Eat multiple gelati a day, with the biggest challenge being which flavour to choose and then eating it before it melts - Italy
  47. Sing your heart out at Red Garter karaoke, and really commit to the high notes - Florence
  48. Enjoy the chaos of the massive Las Ramblas market and buy the most delicious fresh juices and fruits - Barcelona
  49. Take part in a wine tasting at a local farm, sipping between the vines and hanging out with local donkeys – Stari Grad

  50. Go to a rave in a cave and dance until the sun comes up, then relax on the beach - Makarska

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