5 of the Best Cities in Europe for Street Food


By Busabout
26 Jul 2019

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Don't get me wrong, I love a fancy restaurant every now and again.

But I've had more than my fair share of moments when, looking down at my meticulously prepared and extremely expensive plate of exotic vegetables, I think:

"Tbh, I'd rather just have a kebab."

And I'm not the only one! Which is why street food will always stay one of Europe's favourite culinary choices. Today's average tourist would much rather chow down on a handmade vegan burger and chips than spend a small fortune on dauphinoise potatoes - especially when it's made with local ingredients and local know-how.

So this week, we're counting down 5 of Europe's best street food hot spots. Try an authentic piece of local culture for a fraction of the price!


Many people wouldn't expect Poland to be at the top of any list of culinary achievements. Those people don't know Poland. The quality of basic ingredients like bread and meat that you'll find in Krakow is leaps and bounds ahead of much of the rest of Europe. Dishes as simple as a hot dog can reach a whole new level of flavour here. Check out the Andrus food truck for some of the best sandwiches you'll ever taste.


Street food is almost a religion in this vibrant city. From the amazing creativity at street food festivals like Eat Street to the sights and sounds of the famous Palo Alto market, Barcelona presents an authentic experience at every turn. You have to try the classics like the bocadillo and the Spanish tortilla, but don't miss out either on their fantastic Spanish takes on contemporary mainstays, like the Falafel Pita at Maoz.


Known for being the land of sausages and pretzels, the food options in Munich go far beyond the stereotype. From Germany's unique twist on American burgers to vegan curries with some seriously surprising ingredients, whatever you're hankering for you're sure to find it in Munich. Don't skip out on the local classics, though. Schmalznudel is a delicious sweet donut deep fried in lard that you simply have to try. And, yes, the classic bratwurst really are to die for.


The secret to Italy's incredible cuisine is in the quality of its simple ingredients. They shine through in Rome's street food just as much as in its fancier Haute cuisine. In fact, I'd risk saying that it can be even better. Pizza, of course, has to be at the top of your list of things to try. However, do a bit of exploring and you'll discover some real hidden culinary gems like the Supplì - a deep-fried rice ball with mincemeat and cheese.


The sheer diversity of food available in Athens makes it one of the top contenders for the best street food destination in Europe. As well as the classic dishes and Mediterranean seafood Greece is famous for, you'll also find some exciting street food innovations that blend western and eastern traditions. Check out the Lahmajoun - or Turkish pizza - over at Feyrouz, or the stuffed Koulouri from Oven Sesame. Just don't leave without trying a classic Gyros! Athens is a foodie landscape we recommend getting lost in.

Most of these fantastic city destinations are available on our Hop-on Hop-off network, so make sure you check out our route planner to cook up your own perfect foodie tour of Europe. Now, I'm off to get some lunch...