5 of Europe's Best Spots for Snorkelling

06 Aug 2019

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Some of my favourite memories are of snorkelling - from beautiful holidays in Greece to trips to the seaside at home.

Over here in Europe, we've got some of the best snorkelling and diving locations available in the world. Whether you're an entry-level aquatic explorer just looking to get your feet wet, or a long-serving veteran of the undersea world, you're bound to come across amazing sights in these incredible snorkelling destinations in Europe.

Strap on your flippers and dig your mask out of the cupboard. It's time to explore the very best snorkelling experiences Europe has to offer.

Tragonisi Island Caverns, Mykonos

It's difficult to imagine a more beautiful destination for snorkelling than Greece. With white sandy beaches, sizzling sunshine and crystal clear waters, you'll be looking for any excuse to hop in the water.

Out of all the great locations around Greece you can explore, the Tragonisi Island Caverns on Mykonos are perhaps the most unique. Just a few metres off the coast of the main island, you'll find an underwater wonderland of peculiar rock formations and breathtaking wildlife. Tragonisi is also famous for its special resident - the Monachus seal, which you might encounter on one of your excursions in the caverns.

Makarska, Croatia

Just a short drive away from the city of Split, the Biokovo Nature Park is one of our most recommended locations to visit in the region. If you take a trip there, make sure to head down to the coastal city of Makarska and spend some time enjoying the stunning white pebble beaches it has to offer.

Swim a short distance from the shore here and you'll find shallow waters with perfect visibility for snorkelling. The rocky seabed around the Makarska area is teeming with fish, crabs, octopus and other marine life, and you won't have to worry about kicking up sediment from the bottom. Croatian waters are also incredibly safe for swimmers and snorkelers, so it's a great place to try if you're just starting out.

Plages Les Fossettes, Nice

This gorgeous beach is unique for a number of different reasons. Firstly, it's one of only a handful of completely free, public beaches around the Nice area. Second, it has a peculiar feature in place just for snorkellers - underwater footpaths!

Or perhaps 'finpaths' is more appropriate. These aquatic sightseeing trails will show you the very best wildlife and plantlife the beach has to offer, taking you out from the bay around the foot of the nearby cliffs. The calm waters and great visibility mean you'll be able to see tonnes of colorful fish, making Les Fossettes a snorkellers paradise.

Kimmeridge Bay, UK

The UK isn't generally associated with blistering sunshine and underwater activities. However, the locals know that the cooler waters of the UK have some of the most spectacular dive and snorkel spots in the whole of Europe.

Kimmeridge is one such location. The wide, shallow bay shelters snorkelers from both the tides and the cold, making it the perfect place to spend hours exploring the underwater spectacles it has to offer. And, WOW. What a view. The vibrant greens, yellows and reds of the bay's flora are something you simply won't find anywhere else. If you've never considered snorkelling in the UK, you have to check out Kimmeridge. It’s only a short trip from London.

La Spezia & Portofino, Italy

The coastline from La Spezia up as far as Genoa is a truly special place. Although you won't get to see so much in the way of sea life here, the beautiful coastal towns and beaches make the whole region worth exploring, both in the water and out of it. Dive from the rocks into crystal waters and enjoy the warm water, before clambering out and heading to the taverna for a beer. It's a unique experience and one of the most relaxing snorkelling excursions you can take.

To visit these epic locations, check out our Hop-on Hop-off network around Europe and plan your own adventure!