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Discover all that Southeast Asia has to offer at your own pace for 3-month.

Our Unlimited Asia Pass allows you to travel once on all of our Asia trips within a 3-month period. You choose where you start and finish, and everything in between. Explore the lush landscapes, kind locals and the tastiest exotic foods of Southeast Asia at your own pace! The catch? There isn't one!

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Why Book Asia Unlimited Pass?

The Destinations

With a mixture of buzzing big cities and off-the-beaten-track destinations, the spots we visit will give you the ultimate travel experience across Southeast Asia.

Our Crew

Our guides are local to the area and natural born adventurers, so you can count on them to give you expert advice and show you the very best hidden gems.

Like-minded Travellers

When you travel with us, it’s easy to meet other fun and independent travellers on the road. You’ll soon have a bunch of new friends!


We use a mixture of private vans, boats and trains so that you can kick back and relax, and take in the scenery.


Whether it’s a hotel, stilted house, or a jungle raft, we always make sure your accommodation adds something to the experience without compromising on comfort.


There’s a huge range of optional activities on offer, and you have the flexibility to choose which ones you want to experience.

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Where We Go in Southeast Asia

Our Asia trips cover four incredible countries, each of them special in their own way. From the never ending rolling hills of Vietnam to the lush jungle scenery of Laos, the ancient temples of Cambodia and the slice of paradise that are the Thai islands you can expect to experience a bit of everything this corner of the world has to offer.

  • Vietnam Adventure
    Vietnam Adventure

    Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City
    14 days trip

    Vietnam is the perfect travel dish. On this adventure, you fill your belly with the most nutritious experiences of Vietnam, stay in a homestay as close to the local culture as possible, and discover the caves, valleys, and vistas that adorn all the Vietnam travel guides.

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  • Cambodia Adventure - 8 Day
    Cambodia Adventure - 8 Day

    Phnom Penh to Siem Reap
    8 days trip

    On this trip, we show you there’s more to Cambodia than the temples. Discover the beautiful beaches of Koh Rong, learn about the country’s difficult history at the S-21 Prison, and taste some delicious cuisine. Go beyond the temples and get immersed in the culture and curiosities of Cambodia.

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  • Halong Bay Adventure - 3 Day
    Halong Bay Adventure - 3 Day

    Hanoi to Hanoi
    3 days trip

    Sail through this UNESCO-listed wonderland and experience the best bits as you snorkel in the clear seas, devour delicious local food in a floating village, and karaoke all-night in the onboard bar. We promise you’ll struggle to find anything quite as beautiful.

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  • Sapa Adventure
    Sapa Adventure

    Hanoi to Hanoi
    4 days trip

    When you take this trip, you trek through the postcard-perfect rice paddies of Sapa with a guide and move in with the locals for a night in a traditional homestay. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your Vietnam adventure!

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  • Thailand and Laos Adventure
    Thailand and Laos Adventure

    Bangkok to Vientiane
    14 days trip

    On this trip you experience the best of both worlds. Discover Bangkok’s soulful sights and sinful nightlife, get your adrenaline fix by kayaking in Vang Vieng and venturing into the deep caves near Pai, and hang out with the majestic monks in Luang Prabang.

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  • Thailand & River Kwai Adventure
    Thailand & River Kwai Adventure

    Bangkok to Chiang Mai
    8 days trip

    On this trip, we help you understand why the Thai people are so content. Become heroically happy when you float down the River Kwai, feel elated by the delicious treats you eat at the night market in Pai, and hang out with the beautiful elephants of Chiang Mai.

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  • Thai Island Hopper (Accommodation Included)
    Thai Island Hopper (Accommodation Included)

    Phuket to Phuket
    10 days trip

    Indulge in the stereotypical tropical island dreams of every traveller on this trip! Go on epic snorkelling adventures amongst beautiful limestone karsts, hike up to temples and sublime sunset spots, and dance amongst the fire throwers at epic parties.

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  • Thai Islands Flexi Moon Party
    Thai Islands Flexi Moon Party

    Koh Samui to Koh Samui
    7 days trip

    Let yourself go loony at the best party in all of Southeast Asia. See half-naked people dancing like maniacs, witness insane fire throwing antics, and spot saucy acts in very peculiar places. Best of all, we make sure you enjoy all the madness!

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Explore the unexplored for 3 months from

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