Small Group Adventures

Europe begs to be explored. Go beyond the destination and discover
a side of it you didn’t know existed. On these trips, we balance
all the must-do activities with plenty of free time for you to explore like a local.

Go beneath the surface.


We hand-craft itineraries that are flexible so you can spend enough time enjoying each destination like a local. Lose track of time exploring the food markets of Barcelona, or get lost wandering the charming alleyways of Trastevere, Rome. We want your experience to be unique and personal, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


You’ll never meet a group of people who care more about the destinations you visit than our guides and drivers. They are the ultimate travel experts and it’s their mission in life to make your travel truly epic. If they’re not dreaming of ways to get you to travel better, they’re likely busy planning their own!


And that’s why we want you to have the most intimate experience with the places you’ll visit. Think savouring a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, or watching a magnificent sunset from a secret lookout spot in Florence! We’re proud to say we have the best bucket-list items in the business, and we love to share them with you.


We’re so passionate about what we do that we offer a true Book & Go guarantee. We don’t operate a minimum number policy, and never cancel a trip. When you book a trip with us you’re absolutely guaranteed to go! End of story.


As long as you’re over 18 and open to free-spirited adventure, you’re welcome on any of our trips. We believe age is just a number and encourage everyone to join - a diverse group makes a much more interesting travel experience! We’ve found most of our travellers have something in common, they are keen to get a real and authentic experience. And they are awesome, too. But that sort of goes without saying.