6 of the Best Places in Europe for Nature Lovers


By Busabout
08 Jul 2019

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It's true, the cities of Europe are varied and exciting, and offer up some incredible ancient architecture that look epic in photos. But here at Busabout, we want you to get the most out of your trip. That's why we always recommend taking some time - even if it's as little as a couple of days here and there - to get out of the urban scene and explore some of the true wilds of Europe!

From grand mountain ranges to beautiful lakes and hidden beaches, the continent has everything you could possibly hope for to help you get back to nature. Camping and hiking are popular in almost every country on this list, and you'll find a huge range of more exhilarating outdoor pursuits if you're a bit of an adrenaline junkie. However you enjoy the great outdoors, make sure you check out these stunning destinations!

Lake Como, Italy

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more photogenic location anywhere in the world. Lake Como - and the tiny villages like Varenna and Bellagio that skirt its banks - offer a stunning location from which to explore the rolling hills of northern Italy. Located at the very foot of the Alps, this special place is perfect for walking, swimming, boating, camping and just about any other outdoor activity you could dream of doing.

Orvieto, Italy

Perched on top of a dramatic rock formation, this historic city is surrounded by rich green countryside, stretching into the distance! Orvieto has a distinctive atmosphere entrenched by its long history as a siege town, with a host of truly unique architectural quirks for you to discover. It's also makes for an excellent base to get out and explore some of Italy's rural culture. The city is the perfect choice for cyclists and walkers hoping to find serenity in the surrounding acres of fields and groves.

Zakopane, Poland

Although largely unknown by non-natives, Zakopane is one of Europe's most beautiful and untamed mountain towns. In winter, the surrounding Tatra mountains are populated with enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders tearing up the slopes. The region loses none of its rugged beauty in the summer, however, when the routes are replaced with pristine hiking trails and greenery. If you're looking for somewhere to get off the beaten track, Zakopane is your town.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is often overlooked by travellers eager to get from central Europe down to our Mediterranean coastlines. Even better for us! That just means the beautiful mountain regions along its northern border are all the more quiet. Lake Bled sits just on the outskirts of Triglav National Park - a region of jaw-dropping natural beauty. With its many winding rivers and waterways it's also one of the best places on the continent for kayaking and rafting adventures.

Bern, Switzerland

Despite being the country's unofficial capital, this lovely city is easily small enough for you to get out into the nearby mountains for a day trip. Bern is situated right in the middle of the country, surrounded by the Alps on one side and stunning lakes on the other. It's a great choice for anyone looking for some variety in your trip; blend your outdoor adventures with some beach time and some city culture, too. Try renting an inflatable kayak and floating your way down the beautiful river Aar. What better way to kick back!

All of our favourite outdoors locations are easy to get to on our Hop-on Hop-off network. Take a look at our Adventure Planner to create your perfect tour around Europe!