Island Hopping and Sailing

Our sailing and island hopping adventures prove that heaven
is indeed a place on earth. You’ll watch idyllic sunsets, try the
tastiest seafood and swim in secluded crystal clear bays.
Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Our Award-Winning Sailing and Island Hopping Tours


Join our award winning (tour of the year *cough cough) flexible island hopping in Greece or Thailand, where you can create your own adventure by choosing how long you want to stay at each island. Think of it like Hop-on Hop-off but with ferries instead of coaches!


There’s always a Busabout crew member on-board. Our guides are there to ensure everything sails smoothly and you have a great experience. It’s our mission in life to make your sailing or island hopping vacation the best ever


We’re famous for introducing Croatia Island hopping. Our fleet of beautiful vintage sailing ships and modern cruisers set sail across the Adriatic all summer bringing you to the best islands, hidden gems and most instagram-able moments. When the sun sets you’ll find us raving in a cave or partying in an ex-Fortress turned into a night club.


We’re unique that we offer a true Book & Go guarantee. We don’t operate a minimum number policy on our sailing and island hopping trips, and we never cancel a trip. When you book a sail with us you’re absolutely guaranteed to go! In the rate particularly poor weather conditions we’ll even modify your itinerary to make sure you have a great trip.


Just because you’ve turned 30-something doesn’t mean you’re barred from enjoying a quality travel experience with us. In fact we truly believe age is just a number. So if you’re a fun-loving adventurer and over the age of 18 you’re welcome to set sail with Busabout.