100 Things You Can Only Do In Europe - Part 2

Annelise Moult

By Annelise Moult
16 Jan 2020

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This is part 2 of our previous blog post which you can check out here if you haven't already!

  1. Drink an authentic Aperol Spritz as you look out across magnificent blue water - Italy
  2. Experience the freedom of smashing plates and dancing in a big circle with new friends - Paros
  3. Admire the beautiful Acropolis and think of the amazing history that it’s been a part of - Athens
  4. Ride a chairlift up a mountain and have your mind blown at the views of islands and bays as far as the eye can see - Capri
  5. Marvel at Gaudi’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia and vow to come back and see it upon its completion in 2026 - Barcelona
  6. Sunbathe on the golden beach, as people practise volleyball and surfers catch waves in the crystal clear water – San Sebastian
  7. Take a boat ride down peaceful canals, past hundreds of cyclists and under bridges covered with beautiful flowerbeds - Amsterdam
  8. Join a gladiator school and put your skills to the test by re-enacting some of history’s famous battles - Rome
  9. Feast on a warm, fresh waffle, covered in decadent toppings like fresh cream, chocolate and marshmallows - Bruges
  10. Visit the amazing Bone Church with the impressive centrepiece being a chandelier containing every bone in the human body - Prague
  11. Check out the Wieliczka Salt Mines, containing underground saline lakes and magnificent chambers and statues carved entirely from rock salt - Krakow
  12. Try a plate of delicious pierogi dumplings from the comfort of a simple and traditional milk bar - Krakow
  13. Find the perfect inflatable floatie to accompany you on long relaxing days in the blue waters of the Adriatic - Split

  14. Try a dish of escargot, served in the shell cooked in a delicious smooth garlic butter - Paris
  15. Visit the massive Time Out food market, humming with people and filled with delicious smells from international cuisines - Lisbon
  16. Visit the Livaria Lello bookstore that inspired JK Rowling, admiring its spiral staircase and walls lined with thousands of books - Porto

  17. Relax in cloud-like mineral pools, flowing down white travertine terraces, creating an amazing ‘Cotton Castle’ landscape - Pamukkale
  18. Explore Fisherman’s Bastion, looking out at the incredible view from the panoramic terraces in fairy-tale towers – Budapest

  19. Take a ferry to the quirky former shipyard now known as NDSM wharf, and discover a vibrant artist community and lively bars - Amsterdam
  20. Try some fresh cinnamon covered churros accompanied by a cup of thick, rich chocolate – perfect for dipping - Spain
  21. Visit the beautiful Saint Chappelle church, covered in stained glass windows which illuminate the room in brilliant purple hues – Paris

  22. Take a tour of incredible street art pieces, each displaying its own colourful style and message - Berlin
  23. Hire rollerblades and skate a palm tree-lined promenade with beautiful views of golden sand beach and turquoise blue water – Nice
  24. Tick off Game of Thrones hotspots, strolling City Walls, exploring cobbled streets and surveying a landscape filled with terracotta rooftops - Dubrovnik
  25. Go on a wine tour, sampling local varietals and learning about the flavour notes as you wander through vines filled with juicy grapes - Bordeaux
  26. Explore catacombs under city streets, weaving through centuries old tunnels lined on all sides with bones from years past – Paris
  27. Treat yourself to frites, served in a paper cone and drizzled with rich, creamy mayonnaise and tangy tomato ketchup - Amsterdam
  28. Visit the mosaic beauty of Park Guell and admire the enchanting gardens and artworks dedicated to the beauty of nature - Barcelona
  29. Take a cruise on the River Danube, enjoying the serenity as you float past majestic parliament buildings, castles and concert halls – Budapest
  30. Soak in the history of Gallipoli, spending time reflecting quietly on the events of years past - Turkey
  31. Climb the steps of the Eiffel Tower, being rewarded with spectacular views of the city – Paris
  32. Hire a striped beach umbrella for the day and relax with a book, admiring the pristine coastline stretched out in front of you – Amalfi Coast
  33. Sample local Bled cake, a perfect melt in your mouth mix of vanilla cream, buttery dough and whipped cream – Lake Bled
  34. Run through fields of lavender in a palette of beautiful purple, breathing in the fragrant perfume of the flowers – Hvar
  35. Have a wild night on a pub crawl, exploring the best bars and clubs alongside plenty of new friends - Krakow
  36. Visit iconic windmills set on a rocky landscape, looking out over turquoise waters and feeling the cool sea breeze - Mykonos
  37. Explore the underground Tunnel of Hope, absorbing the history of the site, which was once for some, the only link to the outside world - Sarajevo
  38. Experience the neon lit red-light district, made up of a network of winding alleyways - Amsterdam
  39. Get lost at the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest markets in the world, bustling with people and stalls selling spices, jewellery and handicrafts - Istanbul
  40. Wander across the iconic Charles Bridge, a landmark bridge linking the Old and New towns and lined with entertainers and street artists - Prague
  41. Climb to the top of the duomo with the iconic terracotta coloured dome, looking out at brilliant panoramic city views - Florence
  42. Take an overnight ferry through an archipelago, with the massive ship navigating its way around 30,000 islands and islets dotted in the sea - Stockholm
  43. Stroll past millionaire’s hillside holiday homes with views stretching out over clear blue water – Nice
  44. Visit the temples of Apollo and Athena in the heart of the ancient Greek world, full of history, mythology and stunning mountainous scenery - Delphi
  45. View the impressive Hagia Sophia mosque, famous for its architectural beauty and wonderful bled of two cultures - Istanbul
  46. Take a trip to the House of Flowers, a stunning burial site surrounded by beautiful gardens – Belgrade
  47. Visit the ruins of an ancient city, buried under metres of ash following a catastrophic volcanic eruption - Pompeii
  48. Indulge in limoncello from a balcony overlooking the ocean, enjoying the intense lemony tast of the sweet liqueur - Amalfi
  49. Search for secret canals, marked only by a hidden square window which opens out onto quiet, long forgotten waterways - Bologna

  50. Visit a decommissioned airport, once used as a site for Nazi rallies and now full of communal gardens and picnic areas - Berlin