Hop-On Hop-Off

How does Hop-on Hop-off compare with a rail pass?

You’ll get all the perks of a tour such as a door to door service, guides on our coaches with all the info about your next destination, lots of optional activities and a great travel experience with like minded backpackers and soon-to-be best mates. And this is with the flexibility of independent travel. With our Hop-on Hop-off coach, you decide where to go and how long to stay there. Simply put, it’s your trip – you decide!
Many people travel Europe by rail and have a good time - it's a great transport system. However, rail passes have limitations. When your budget is tight and travel time limited, you don't need surprises.

Some little known facts:

  • Your rail pass may not allow you to travel on high speed trains. A surcharge will apply
  • Your rail pass may not entitle you to a seat. There is a surcharge for each seat reservation on each journey
  • Your rail pass does not save you money on accommodation. An overnight 'couchette' can cost double or triple the amount paid for a hostel bed
  • Your rail pass does not save you time. Lines for seat reservations and high speed trains can be very long. Reservations must be made the day before, which takes away from your sightseeing time as well
  • Trains do not stop outside your accommodation (like Busabout does). There's nothing worse than arriving into the train station after dark with all your belongings strapped to your back, looking aimlessly for a hostel. It's not very safe either.

Do you offer a past passenger discount?

Yes - if you have travelled with us before, you will qualify for a further 5% discount on trips that are 3 days or longer.

Are flights included?

No - we like to give you the freedom and flexibility to book your own flights.

Can I start anywhere on the Busabout Hop-On Hop-Off network?

Yes, you can even break away from your pass and return to it later at a different place if you like! When purchasing a Hop-on Hop-off trip you’ll have the choice of our Passes where you can start anywhere on that route, or  where you pay per stop, so just pick anywhere on our map you like! With our passes these are set routes with a set start point, but you still decide how long to stay in each place – a good bit planned out already but a good chunk of flexibility thrown in for good measure too.

How long can I spend in each city?

The majority of our compulsory overnight stops are a minimum 1 night stay (some are 2 nights depending on the timetable). Most people opt to stay for a few nights in these compulsory overnight stops. Just remember if you choose to do just 1 night, that would just give you the evening you arrive, before heading off the next morning. For the optional (Day stops), you can journey through and head for the next overnight stop that day, or if you choose to jump off at these stops, you will need to spend a minimum of 2 nights there, before moving on. These are often the little gems and unexpected highlights, so a great mix to some of the bigger compulsory stops. Always remember to check the timetable for when coaches arrive and depart each destination to help with planning!

Do I have to follow the direction of the arrows?

Yes – just the one way round. There are still heaps of options with all our passes to get in all the places you want. Each year there are over 2,000 different itineraries travelled by our passengers!

How do I book a seat on the coach?

Making travelling easy is what we’re all about. So, we invented MyTrip, your very own travel planning website. Once you buy your Busabout Hop-on Hop-off or Adventure pass, you’ll have the chance to plan your trip and book your coaches, all in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve got an itinerary you’re happy with, you can even it send it to your friends and family to make them jealous.

How will I find where the bus will pick me up from?

Go to the Pick-up & Drop-off page where you can find a full list of all our pick-up and drop-off points. Check out our timetable too so you can plan ahead.

I'm travelling with my partner - Can I book our hostels and coach journeys together?

Yes. In MyTrip you have the option to book everything at the same time if you all have the same trips booked. If you’re travelling with a group you can also nominate a lead passenger to take charge of all the bookings. Just remember that if you book together, your booking cannot be separated so play nice.

Why can't I login to MyTrip?

Firstly, follow the link to our login page and pop your client reference in (not your booking reference remember – everyone on the same booking should have a different client reference) along with your name, making up and confirming a password. Forgotten your password? Just re-register with a new one.

How far in advance should I book my trip?

With our Hop-on Hop-off pass, once bought, you can instantly jump onto MyTrip and start planning your summer. Remember if you’re travelling in July and August, some sectors might fill up, so best to get things booked up. However the beauty of Busabout’s flexibility is that you can chop and change as you go, so maybe get a ‘Plan A’ in place with your bus dates (you can change these as much as you want to), start booking some accommodation (a deposit would lock in the dates) but leave a few cards up your sleeve and see how you go.

I'm thinking of travelling on my own. Will I meet any other solo travellers?

Absolutely! The great thing about Busabout is that it’s so easy to meet like minded independent travellers and you’ll soon have heaps of new friends on the road. Also with Busabout’s Trip Mates and Community you can even get in touch even before you start (arrange a few beers down the hostel bar the night before maybe?) so heaps more fun than travelling on trains and buses yourself.

What is Busabout's accommodation like?

You don’t have to stay at our Hop-on Hop-off pick up and Drop off points; however it makes life easy for you as not only will you get the door to door service but we always select a great variety of well located, clean, safe options with top facilities. From chic modern city hostels with all the bells and whistles, or quirky, cool and independent hostels in some of our smaller destinations, to resort style campsites at some of our Italian cities and the odd city guesthouse too. Generally our first choice will offer a variety of dorm share options – budget around €20 - €25 a night. Cities like Paris will be closer to €30; Prague closer to €10 but that’s a good average! Plus, most of your Busabout mates will be staying here too. There’s not much of a hostel culture on the Greek Islands so we stay at beach resorts and guesthouses which are generally much cheaper than European hostels anyway.

What are the operating dates of the Busabout Hop-On Hop-Off season?

The Busabout summer season runs from the beginning of May through to the end of October. Check our timetable for more info.

What should I take?

Pack light - minimum clothing (you can do laundry), basic toiletries, padlock, passport and other miscellaneous goods. You can always buy things as you go - when and if you need them.

What kind of adapters do I need?

A standard Europe adaptor is definitely an essential bit of travel kit. Our coaches come with a few power points too.

Is there an age limit to Busabout?

As the nature of our trips are for independent backpackers, you’ll need to be 18 at time of travel (Busabout can, in exceptional circumstances, give confirmation of acceptance of a person outside this age restriction, provided they are accompanied by a person 18 years or over - for enquiries regarding this please contact us). We don’t have any upper limits, so as long as you share our spirit of travel you’ll be fine.

What if my family need to get in touch with me urgently whilst I'm travelling with Busabout?

We’re able to track all of our passengers across our circuit so in the event of emergency you can contact our Reservations office at info@busabout.com or call +44(0)8450 267 514 who will be able to assist. Please bear in mind this service is for emergencies only and not for non–urgent messages.

Adventures, Festivals & Treks

How do I get to the start of the Busabout Adventures and Treks?

Flying? Try www.skyscanner.net. Or even better come straight off one of our other Treks or Busabout Coach Network. All our Adventures are perfectly designed to add on to our Coach passes for those wanting to see a bit more!

How do I link up my Busabout Adventures and Treks?

Adventures are built around set itineraries (except our Greek Island Flexi Hopper which is flexible until 2 weeks before departure when your dates are set). Head out from Prague on our Classic Rhapsody Trek, and join it up with Croatia Sailing. Hop off your Western Loop for a week in southern Spain and Portugal on our Iberian Adventure. Anyone on the Southern Loop has to check our Italian Adventure from Rome, and those going from Greek Islands up to Croatia can join our Balkan Trek. Just join all the dots around Europe and leave time for some adventures too.

Is accommodation included in Busabout Adventures and Treks?

Yes, with the exception of Greek Island Hopper which is a flexible product. With our Croatia and Turkey Sailing trips accommodation is included on board the boats/gullets, whilst with the Scandi-Baltic Adventure accommodation is included in a mix of hostels and guesthouses, along with on-board cruise accommodation during overnight sails. With the Ibiza Island Hoppers, Iberian and Italian Adventures, as well as all our Eastern European Treks, all accommodation is also included – mainly smaller hostel dorms, guesthouses and the occasional hotel, so just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Can I change my departure dates for Busabout Adventures and Treks?

Yes, depending on availability there is no problem to change dates (a small fee applies). If the new date is more expensive the difference will also need to be paid. You can also transfer the funds you’ve already paid over to another trip of the same or higher value if you change your mind, as long as it’s outside of the notification period.

Will my belonging's be safe at the festivals campsite?

We do operate a 24 hour Busabout info tent - next to where the sleeping tents are - to watch over everything. However we cannot be held responsible if your personal belongings go missing. Please take precautions where possible.

Where can I book the optional extras and excursions?

All optional extras and excursions will be available to book through your Busabout Guide on the trip.

Can I find out more about Busabout Croatia Sailing trips?

Yes, we have grouped these into their own section. Check out the Croatia Sailing section of this website.

What happens if I cancel?

A cancellation fee applies based on the length of the trip and how soon the departure date is. Please visit our terms and conditions page for more information.

Can we Help?
Here at Busabout we love hearing from you, whether it's by email or phone we enjoy nothing more than talking travel. Over the years we've answered lots of questions so we thought we'd list the most popular ones here - just in case you were about to ask.