Turkey Trips

Trip Info

Turkey is a traveller's paradise and a seamless mix of history, wonder and relaxation. Think cruising the sublime Aegean Turquoise Coast on a gulet or exploring the mighty ruins of the Ancient Greek city of Ephesus. Then there's its dazzling array of natural wonders like Gorge with its treehouses or the Aegean's many secluded bays. To top it off, Turkey oozes the most genuine hospitality you can imagine, delivered in abundance and making it the perfect destination to chill out and enjoy...

Trip Highlights:

  • Rich culture
  • Staggering coastline
  • Breathtaking vistas
  • Amazing history
  • The food's pretty good

The Mediterranean

Twenty-one countries share its water, its name means 'Middle of the Earth' and it's the uniting element and centre of world history. It has many special, hidden inlets, sunken cities, golden beaches and is wonderful to swim in.

The History

From Classic times to present day, Turkey has been centre stage and its Greek and Roman past lives on through the many ruined temples and myths that abound. And of course, Gallipoli is a place of remembrance for more recent conflicts.

The Food

Breakfasts of fresh fruit, omelette, cheese, succulent tomatoes and olives followed by lunches of salads and kebabs. Then, as the sun sets, the array of mezes, fresh fish, chicken, meatballs, grilled veggies and bread will please your tummies. The food is plentiful, but fresh and light, so amongst all the swimming and exploring, it's a healthy blast of goodness.

The Local Culture

Turkey will undoubtedly tantalise every one of your senses. The locals are wildly passionate about their land, history and their heritage and these awesome characters will entertain and inform, making your trip the best experience possible.

Gulet Sail Boats

These ultimate sail boats were built to meet the wishes of their cruising passengers. They have large communal areas to relax and chill on both front and aft decks and are all covered with sail linen for ultimate sun protection. The cabins are all ensuites and spacious, but the big attraction are the beds on deck, allowing you and your friends to sleep endless hours under the stars.