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Plus Prague Přívozní 1, Praha 7, Czech Republic

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9h 30m
Trip runs between 04 May - 11 Oct, 2018 in every 2 days.
Next departure from Prague to Munich is on Mon, 20 Aug.

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Prague Optional Activities & Excursions

Day Trip To Kutna Hora

Day Trip To Kutna Hora

The macabre sight of Kutná Hora’s bone chapel draws visitors from all over the world. Home to much more than pyramids of skulls and bones, it was the economic powerhouse of the Kingdom of Bohemia and played a crucial role in the 15th century Hussite Wars. Kutná Hora’s rich heritage was born in the days when the city competed with Prague both economically and culturally, becoming the favourite residence of several Bohemian kings.

  • Company: Sandemans New Europe
  • Tour Name: Day Trip To Kutna Hora
  • Busabout Price: €28
  • Normal Price: €32
Beer Tour

Beer Tour

Try some of the world’s finest beers and experience classic Czech hospitality in some of Prague’s best-loved bars. The Czech capital is a Mecca for beer lovers, and the birthplace of the famous Pilsner lager. This tour will reveal the best-kept secrets of the national drink – learn how Czech beer is made, why it is considered the best in the world, and why the Czechs drink more than anyone else.

  • Company: Sandemans New Europe
  • Tour Name: Beer Tour
  • Busabout Price: €14.40
  • Normal Price: €16
Pub Crawl 

Pub Crawl 

Meet at our official Prague Pub Crawl Bar, with unlimited power hour – meaning you’ll never have to wait for a drink, as the bartenders keep the beer, wine, absinthe and vodka flowing. Come and join the fun, we will crawl to at least three other bars where you receive a free welcome shot and we’ll finish at the 5 story mega-club (the biggest in Central Europe).

  • Company: Sandemans New Europe
  • Tour Name: Pub Crawl 
  • Busabout Price: €21
  • Normal Price: €22
Free Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour

Known as the Golden City and the City of a Thousand Spires; Prague has been sweeping visitors off their feet for centuries with its romantic streets, soaring towers, and great beer! From the heart of medieval Bohemia to the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the glory days of Prague’s rich culture are shadowed by oppression, under both the Nazis and the Communists.

  • Company: Sandemans New Europe
  • Tour Name: Free Walking Tour
  • Busabout Price: FREE (tips-based)
  • Normal Price: N/A
Prague Castle Tour

Prague Castle Tour

Prague Castle dominates both the skyline and the history of the Czech capital. The world’s largest medieval castle has towered over the city since the 9th century and continues to awe and inspire today. Your expert guides bring to life the legendary court of Rudolf II, the nightmares of Kafka and the very real struggles of the Velvet Revolution. This tour finishes in the Prague Castle gardens, overlooking the Old Town giving you the best views of the city.

  • Company: Sandemans New Europe
  • Tour Name: Prague Castle Tour
  • Busabout Price: €10
  • Normal Price: €12

Must See & Do

The City

It's Prague's perfect irony. You are lured by the past, but compelled to linger by the present and the future. Fill your days with Prague's artistic and architectural heritage, but after dark move your focus to the here and now in the lively restaurants, bars and clubs in emerging neighbourhoods like Vinohrady and Žižkov.


One of the most popular Czech dishes. It is sirloin prepared with vegetables, spiced with black pepper, allspice, bay leaf and thyme, and boiled with double cream


Cross Club
A steampunk-styled three-floor factory churning out art, activism, and electronic beats.

Must Sees

  1. Old Town Clock Tower and Astronomical Clock Prague’s #1 attraction, this astronomical clock has been going since 1410, showing a walk of the Apostles and the figure of Death every hour.
  2. Petrin Hill Hill across the river from the Old Town with a fake miniature Eiffel Tower, Mirror Maze, Observatory and funicular.
  3. Prague Castle The largest castle complex in the world- the views from this spot aren’t too bad either.
  4. Lennon Wall Colourfully graffiti’d wall honouring John Lennon’s message of peace, dating back to the Communist era and still going strong.
  5. Jewish Quarter The old Jewish part of town is now the best place to learn about Jewish culture in the many synagogues-turned-museums and the Jewish Cemetery.

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