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St Christopher's Inns – Paris Canal 159 rue de Crimee, 75019 Paris, France

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Swiss Alps
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Trip runs between 29 May - 28 Sep, 2018 in every 2 days.
Next departure from Paris to Swiss Alps is on Tue, 21 Aug.

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Trip runs between 01 May - 08 Oct, 2018 in every 2 days.
Next departure from Paris to Amsterdam is on Tue, 21 Aug.

1 optional stop in this trip

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Paris Optional Activities & Excursions

Day Bike Tour

Day Bike Tour

Our Day Bike Tour is the best way to get oriented with the city and get a great overview of its history. We’ll stop in front of the most famous museums and monuments in Paris, sharing fun anecdotes and important information at each place. About half-way through the tour, we’ll stop for lunch in the beautiful Tuileries gardens which look onto the Louvre. Highlights include the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides & Napoleon’s Tomb, Place de la Concorde, the Louvre, and much more!

  • Company: FAT TIRE TOURS
  • Tour Name: Day Bike Tour
  • Busabout Price: €28
  • Normal Price: €34
Night Bike Tour

Night Bike Tour

By visiting the Latin Quarter and the islands, you’ll have the opportunity to see the City of Lights at its best! At the end of the tour, enjoy one of Paris’ famous river cruises with a complimentary glass of red wine! This tour is the perfect complement to our Day Bike Tour. Highlights include Notre Dame, Ile St. Louis, St. Chapelle, Pont des Arts, the Louvre, and much more!

Day & Night Bike Tours: Busabout Price: € 52 Normal Price: € 66

  • Company: FAT TIRE TOURS
  • Tour Name: Night Bike Tour
  • Busabout Price: €38
  • Normal Price: €44
Versailles Tour

Versailles Tour

Journey back in time with us in Versailles! Revel in the over-the-top decadence, harmonious open spaces, and luscious splendor of an intricately-landscaped paradise just a short ride from the capital. Walk around enchanted grounds and reveal the stories of the shamelessly self-indulgent kings, queens and consorts of 17th and 18th century France. Unravel the glory of the Sun King, the stifling court etiquette, and the scandals that ignited the Revolution.

  • Company: Sandemans New Europe
  • Tour Name: Versailles Tour
  • Busabout Price: €30
  • Normal Price: €33
Paris Je T’aime - Cabaret

Paris Je T’aime - Cabaret

A revue at the Nouvelle Eve is on the borderline between “music-hall” and “cabaret.” A clever mixture of feathers and conviviality, humour and boldness, Paris Je T’aime is also a tribute to the capital’s rich artistic history through the music of the legendary Edith Piaf. The highlight of the show is the renowned French can-can: this 12-minute scene, complete with the splits, showing breeches, raising laces and frous frous, will take your breath away! Price includes 1 drink.

  • Company: LA NOUVELLE EVE
  • Tour Name: Paris Je T’aime - Cabaret
  • Busabout Price: €60
  • Normal Price: €79
Cabaret ‘Féerie’ & Champagne

Cabaret ‘Féerie’ & Champagne

Go on, treat yourself to the ultimate Parisian spectacle! ‘Féerie’ consists of a troupe of 100 artists, including 60 Doriss Girls recruited world-wide; 1,000 feather costumes, rhinestones and sequins, made in the most famous Parisian workshops; sumptuous sets in shimmering colours, uniquely designed by Italian artists; outstanding international acts, and the awaited return of the giant aquarium; all this performed to original music recorded by 80 musicians and 60 chorus singers. Price includes half a bottle of champagne. Duration: 2 hours.

  • Company: MOULIN ROUGE
  • Tour Name: Cabaret ‘Féerie’ & Champagne
  • Busabout Price: €110 weekdays / €120 weekends
  • Normal Price: €112 weekdays / €122 weekends
Montmartre Tour

Montmartre Tour

Montmartre typifies all things quintessentially Parisian, from terrace cafes to romping bars and clubs, drunken can-can dancers to budding street artists and performers, bourgeoisbohemian apartments to tiny cobblestone streets. This tour will show you all that made Vincent Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali want to call this eclectic district home.

  • Company: Sandemans New Europe
  • Tour Name: Montmartre Tour
  • Busabout Price: €14
  • Normal Price: €16
Pub Crawl - Paris

Pub Crawl - Paris

This is an international pub crawl for locals, backpackers and students. You want to go beyond the standard tourist trails and discover the very best nightlife in Paris? This tour is made for you! We love Paris and we want you to love it too!

  • Company: PARIS PUB CRAWL
  • Tour Name: Pub Crawl - Paris
  • Busabout Price: €12
  • Normal Price: €13
Montparnase Tower

Montparnase Tower

Straight in and straight up for an unforgettable experience – just 38 seconds and you’re 210 metres above Paris, contemplating the very best view of the city there is! Just like the Empire State Building and the London Eye, the Montparnasse Tower Observation Deck gives you a totally unique view of Paris and its monuments, far from the queues for the Eiffel Tower!

  • Company: World Wide Attractions
  • Tour Name: Montparnase Tower
  • Busabout Price: €16
  • Normal Price: €17
Free Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour

From its beginnings as a medieval village to the capital of Napoleon’s empire, from beheadings of the French Revolution to the excitement of La Belle Epoque, this tour will show you Paris as it was meant to be seen; by walking along the banks of the Seine, and through its royal gardens and squares. Our expert guides will bring to life the stories of Paris, and give you an authentic introduction to continental Europe’s most visited city.

  • Company: Sandemans New Europe
  • Tour Name: Free Walking Tour
  • Busabout Price: FREE (tips-based)
  • Normal Price: N/A

Must See & Do

The City

What can be said about the sexy, sophisticated City of Lights that hasn't already been said a thousand times before? Quite simply, this is one of the world's great metropolises, a trend-setter, market-leader and cultural capital for over a thousand years and still going strong. This is the place that gave the world the cancan and the cinematograph, a city that reinvented itself during the Renaissance, bopped to the beat of the Jazz Age and positively glittered during the belle époque (beautiful era).


Pierre Herme Macarons
While it’s impossible to choose just one food to try whilst in Paris, the worldwide trend of macarons means you should have them done right at least once, by worshiping at the altar of pastry demigod Pierre Herme.


Promenade Plantee
This disused 19th century railway viaduct was reborn as the world’s first elevated park. Located between Bastille and Vincennes, you can exit Jardin de Reuilly and have a picnic or continue some 4.5 km to Bois de Vincennes.

Must Sees

  1. The Louvre One of the world’s premier art museums, home to the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and 17km worth of corridors.
  2. Eiffel Tower The symbol of Paris, this Iron Lady has seen a lot- admire the city from the top of just picnic in her shadow on the Champ de Mars.
  3. Notre Dame One of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, this church is as beautiful inside as it is out.
  4. Montmartre District/Basilique du Sacré Coeur The white domed basilica of the Sacre Couer overlooks the bohemian neighbourhood of Montmartre, where artists like Vincent van Gogh once lived and institutions like the Moulin Rouge thrive.
  5. Palace of Versailles Experience the decadence of the last French Royalty and the extravagant Chateau of Versailles, just a short train ride from Paris.

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