What To Expect From Croatia Sailing In September


By Busabout
24 Dec 2019

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What does a holiday mean to you?

Everyone has a different answer to this question. For some, it's about creating amazing memories. For others, it's about the freedom to explore and discover something new. To me, it was about getting the chance to spend some quality time time with friends, new or old and enjoy an epic experience together.

Whenever someone asks me to think up an exciting holiday idea, I always tell them to go sailing. And Croatia's Adriatic Coast is the perfect spot. With stunning volcanic landscapes, calm blue ocean waters and more islands than you could explore in a lifetime, it's a haven for budding sailors across the continent.

Reasons to sail Croatia in September

September is the perfect time of year to get out your deck shoes and make your way to the Adriatic. The weather is still perfect, with average daily highs of around 26 degrees and over 13 hours of sunshine a day. School holidays are finished already and most children will be back at school, meaning fewer crowds at your stopovers in cities like Dubrovnik and Split.

Our all-inclusive sailing trips take the stress (and risk!) out of self-guided sailing holidays. You'll be able to enjoy the beautiful sites around the coastline and focus on the destinations - not just the parties. Relax on the deck and take a dive off into crystal clear waters every time you stop. You'll have all the sightseeing time you need to explore your unique destinations.

What events are happening in September?

September is the end of the festival season in Croatia but there are still a tonne of great events for you to check out. Outlook is one of Europe's biggest drum and bass festivals and its final event is held in early September. This unique festival will be held in the Fort - an astonishing dance venue built into a 19th-century Austro-Hungarian fort. Make sure you also check out Goulash Disko on the island of Vis. With bands, DJs and wild parties in a stunning setting, it makes a great end to the season.

In terms of culture, September also has some unique moments up its sleeve. Foodies can't miss out on the Subotina Truffle festival held in Buzet. This unmissable cultural event culminates in the cooking of a giant truffle omelette using over 2000 eggs. As September is peak season for white truffles, fans of this delicious local delicacy should make sure they check out the Truffle Days festival in Livade, too. The Split Film Festival is also held in September, showcasing a huge variety of genres and many Croatian premieres. For a local experience, make sure you get to the Vis Summer Festival - a classical music and culture festival that shows off the very best of this wonderful country.

What should I pack?

There are a few key items that you'll need to bring on a sailing holiday that you might not otherwise think to pack. Firstly, swimwear is an absolute must. However, you may also want to consider masks and snorkels. You'll be spending some time in remote locations along the coastline that are perfect snorkelling opportunities. You'll also need to bring specialist footwear for the boat - anything with a white sole that covers your toes is perfect. You'll need cool daywear for the warm days on deck and even cooler nightwear for strutting your stuff on the dancefloors of Croatia. Make sure to bring something to keep you warm, however, as ocean winds can be chilly if you want to spend an evening or two on deck.

Of course, you're going to be spending a lot of time on the seas. If you're affected by seasickness, it's worth bringing along a remedy of your choice to help ease the symptoms. Sunblock is also crucial to protect your skin when the sun is out. We'd recommend a few books or games to help you relax when you're not swimming, socialising or taking in the views. When you're ashore, you'll need a sturdy pair of walking shoes that will allow you to explore the destinations at your leisure. And don't forget your camera or phone to help capture the moment, too.

What do things cost in Croatia?

Remember that all your accommodation and many of your meals will be provided for you on our Croatia Sailing trips. However, there will still be a few bits and pieces that you may want to purchase yourself. Evening meals out, drinks, local delicacies, souvenirs and special experiences can fit easily into your budget. Below, we've listed a few things you're likely to find yourself buying and how much they might cost. Remember that £1 is equal to 8.7 Croatian Kuna.

The cost of a beer: 15 to 20 Kuna

Pizza: 40 Kuna

A jar of white truffles: 155 Kuna

Sunblock: 40 Kuna

Entry to a club: 10 Kuna

Whitewater rafting adventure: 220 Kuna

Dinner at a restaurant: 150 to 260 Kuna

These are just guidelines, though. Prices will vary depending on which city you're in. To give yourself some real flexibility with spending you won't need more than an extra £200 per week.

What else can I do in Croatia?

This beautiful country is the perfect place for outdoor adventures. Experiences like rock climbing, paragliding, kayaking and even truffle hunting are just a booking away. You can plan these in before or after your island hopping tour so that you get to experience everything the country has to offer. If you like getting outdoors, you can't miss out on the chance to visit Croatia's stunning national parks. Landscapes such as the Plitvice Lakes Park will take your breath away and give you more than a few chances for some great holiday snaps. Croatia is also full of fascinating historical sites. Make sure to stop in to see the Roman forum ruins in Zadar, Diocletian’s Palace in Split and Istria's gorgeous Euphrasian Basilica.

What should I eat and drink?

Croatia is undoubtedly the land of truffles. Not only are they extraordinarily tasty, but they're also cheap compared to truffles you might be elsewhere in the world. Try the local truffle pasta, truffle omelette, or simply smear some truffle spread on a piece of locally baked bread.

That's not all, though. As a Mediterranean country, Croatia's seafood is exceptional. Black seafood risottos coloured with cuttlefish ink are a staple of many menus across the country. Grilled fish, mussels and oysters are also popular dishes. Make sure you try the famous Pag Cheese which goes well with a slice or two of Croatian Prosciutto. If street food is your thing, you must try Cevapi - a kind of pita-style sandwich with Croatian sausage and tomato sauce. Yum!

The country has a long-standing tradition of wine production and you'll find locally sourced reds, whites and rose wines. You can purchase some fantastic boutique wines at a very low price if you've got a nose for sniffing out a deal. Although Croatia isn't known for its beer, you can find craft breweries popping up in the major cities just like other places around Europe.

That just about covers everything you'll need to know to get the most out of your Croatian sailing experience. Make sure you check out our Island Hopper trip page to read all about the itineraries for your Adriatic adventure. If you want to know anything more about sailing the Croatian coast, get in touch with us here at Busabout. We're always excited to help you plan your next big trip!