Most Picturesque Spots in Croatia


By Busabout
15 Nov 2019

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Croatia’s tourist appeal has been on the rise for years. This European nation is home to UNESCO Heritage Sites, amazing national parks, stunning islands, and one of the best nightlife scenes in Eastern Europe.

While you make your way through Croatia, you should definitely add the following picturesque spots to your ‘to-visit’ list.


Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s most spectacular cities. It’s surrounded by a medieval wall that was constructed in the 15th and 16th centuries. Other historic structures include the well-preserved baroque St. Blaise Church, the Gothic Rector’s Palace and the Renaissance Sponza Palace.

Walk along the wall to get some of the best views of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. If the cobblestone streets of Old Town look familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen them on the Game of Thrones TV series.


If you still haven’t had your fill of history in Dubrovnik, head over to Pula, another historic town that borders the Adriatic Sea. Due to its location, Pula has been inhabited for millennia (it’s featured in various Greek myths).

Artefacts from the Bronze Age and Neolithic period have been unearthed in Pula. But as you walk around the streets, you’ll feel as if you’re navigating an ancient Roman city. Don’t forget to check out Roman ruins such as the Amphitheatre, which looks similar to the Colosseum.

Hvar Town

The nightlife scene in Croatia rivals that of Ibiza. On the island of Hvar, you can party until the early hours at a nightclub that spills onto the gorgeous Hula Hula Beach Bar. You’ll find plenty of bars in Hvar Town, the island’s most populous settlement. During summer, luxurious yachts fill the harbour of this picturesque resort town.

Just a short ferry ride away from Hvar are several Pakleni Islands, where you can find secluded beaches, pine forests and rocky coves. The nearby Marinkovac Island also has thumping clubs by the beach at Stipanska.

Mljet Island

While we’re on the subject of Croatian Islands, it'd be a crying shame not to give Mljet a mention. Here, you won’t find many places to boogie until the wee hours. Instead, you’ll find peace and tranquillity while exploring its national park. Watching the sunset over the island’s two lakes and the Adriatic is a truly enchanting experience.


Korcula is Croatian Island that lies just northwest of Mjlet. It’s been settled since the Mesolithic period, meaning the island is draped in history. In addition to its quaint, historic villages and port towns, you’ll find rolling vineyards and endless pine forests on Korcula.

Korcula town is often referred to as Little Dubrovnik due to its palaces, churches and medieval squares. Must-visit landmarks here include the 15th-century St Mark’s Cathedral, the 17th-century Land Gate, and Marco Polo’s House.

Krka National Park

Of all the national parks in Croatia, Krka is arguably the most beautiful. Here, you’ll find hiking trails, stunning waterfalls, dramatic landscapes and even Roman ruins. If you’re a birdwatcher, pack your binoculars; Krka is home to a vast array of birds of prey.

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