8 Reasons To Sail Croatia With Busabout

Emma Cairns

By Emma Cairns
26 Aug 2016

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Looking for a reason to head to Croatia and have one of the best weeks of your entire life? Well, look no further! We’ve compiled the 8 major reasons to hit the Adriatic Coast and savour the sights from the comfort of your deck chair on the boat. Ready, Set, Sail!

1. The Swim Stops

Every day you will be treated with a new section of the Adriatic Sea to explore. Crystal clear waters, jumping off the boat, secret coves and floatation devices to relax on… what more could you ask for?

2. The  Sunsets

When a country boasts they have 2,500 hours of sunshine each year, you know the sunsets are going to be incredible. They are different every time with shades of orange, pink and purple to delight your senses. During the trip you may watch them from the comfort of your boat deck, at the top of a fortress or whilst enjoying a glass of wine.

3. The Coastline

The Croatian coastline can combat any other in Europe and the Dalmatian coast is top notch! With almost 1,800km and over 1,000 islands to explore you will come across sandy shores, rocky coves and unspoilt nature ready to be explored.

4. The New Friends

At the beginning of the 7 days you start the trip as strangers, which moves quickly to friends until you depart your trip as a family. In one short week there may have been many inside jokes, deciding who can solve the world’s problems at 3am, a pirate wedding and even matching tattoos. These are people you’ll remember for a lifetime!

5. The Food

Food is one of the best ways to understand and appreciate a country and culture. During the trip you are treated to delicious breakfasts and lunches on the boat and in the evening when docked up you visit the best local restaurants. To get involved in the traditional cuisine try cevapcici, palacinke or pasticada and be sure to wash it all down with a glass of Rakija!

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6. The Crew

Not only does the boat come with your trusty Busabout guide who knows all the tips and tricks of Croatia, it is also equipped with a Captain, chef, bartender and deck hand all to ensure you have the best possible time! They know the secret swimming spots, remember your favourite drink and ensure you are fed well!

7. The Sights

Fortresses, walled cities, national parks, UNESCO-listed sites and of course Game of Thrones! If you are a history buff who wants to follow the trail of Marco Polo, an outdoor lover who wants to bike around a national park or a Game of Thrones fan who wants to see the city of King’s Landing (also known as Dubrovnik!) this is the place for you.

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8. The Locals

Croatian people are some of the loveliest and most relaxed! “Island time” is unavoidable there so take a leaf out of their book, throw your watch away, stop checking Facebook, ignore Snapchat, and immerse yourself in the culture you are surrounded by. As the locals would say: “pomalo!” – relax, take it easy, just chill, no rush.


Our Croatia Island Hopper departs from Split and can be linked to the Hop-on Hop-off network. Check the website for details!