7 Must-Do's In Croatia

21 Oct 2019

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, no doubt you would’ve heard of Croatia. Settled on the Adriatic Sea, with a population of under 4.5 million people, Croatia is certainly becoming more and more popular every year. Check out this list of 7 must-do’s to get inspiration for your next trip.

Get active in Mljet National Park

Biking, swimming or kayaking in Mljet National Park is a must for any active soul. The park, consisting of two massive lakes and lots of greenery to explore, makes up one third of Mljet Island. You can hire bikes and make a full circle around the lakes, with a cheeky dip in the beautiful blue to refresh yourself. If you’re wanting a bit of an “arms day”, kayak out to St Mary’s Island and explore a 13th century monastery when you get there.

Stroll up Marjan Hill in Split

If you’re in Split, head up Marjan Hill, a forest park which is larger than Central Park in NYC. The walk takes about 30 minutes to get to the top. It is the best place for 360° views of Split and to watch the sunset.

Enjoy regional drinks

Whether you are a sipper of fine wines, or enjoy knocking down spirits, this Balkan nation has got you covered. Croatia is home to 17,000 different producers of wine, with top favourites being the red Plavac Mali, or the whites Bogdanuša and Pošip. There’s no better place to experience these wines than at one of the many vineyards. For example, Hora Farm on Hvar island known for its wines, sensational sunsets and farm animals.

The spirit of choice in Croatia is rajkia: a fruit flavoured brandy. Croats say that rajkia cures everything: a scraped knee, sore throat, heartbreak, boredom. Most bars and restaurants nation-wide have rajkia, whether it be fig, plum, cherry, pear, or honey. Give it a shot!

Head to the Old Town basketball court in Dubrovnik

Voted third best in the world, the Dubrovnik Old Town basketball court is an absolute must. Not just a great place to shoot some hoops on your travels, but the view from the court is breathtaking. It easily has the best (free) view over the Old Town where you are able to check out the damage that occurred as a result of the Homeland Wars in the early 1990s. If you’re after an extended version of this view, buy a ticket for the City Walls walk or head on a Game of Thrones walking tour and follow the footsteps of King Joffrey and his mates.

Check out the fortresses

Croatia has an abundance of fortresses. Some of these strongholds have been fashioned into state-of-the-art bars and clubs, the envy of any bevvy aficionado. The most popular are Massimo’s in Korcula and Revelin in Dubrovnik. Massimo’s, a 15th century fortress, now serves as a cocktail rooftop bar with mellow tunes and cocktails with a kick. Give the signature ‘King Tomislav’ a whirl. Built during the 15th - 16th centuries, the UNESCO famous Revelin is ranked in the top 50 clubs worldwide. Complete with confetti cannons, Revelin is certainly one not to miss. Fortresses (without alcohol) worthy of a visit include Mirabella Fortica in Omis, the famous ‘Game of Thrones’ Klis Fortress, or Spanjola Fortica in Hvar Town.

Listen to klapa

For a bit of culture, listen to some klapa! Klapa is traditional acapella-style singing of folk and sometimes popular music, usually consisting of men in groups of 5 - 10. To hear the best voices of Dalmatia, head to the Riva in Split which houses a summer festival every year.

Explore Krka National Park

Head to Krka National Park to start chasing some waterfalls! This National Park has stunning waterfalls which you can spend hours swimming in and exploring. Definitely a nature lover's paradise. And the easiest way to check out this park? Jump on one of Busabout's Croatian Adventure trips.