The Cost Of Travelling In Croatia


By Busabout
08 Jan 2020

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With its medieval town squares, beautiful national parks, long coastlines and party atmosphere, Croatia is one of the most desirable European holiday destinations and its affordable prices only bolster its tourist appeal.

Here, you can drink, eat and visit some of the continent’s most impressive sights without having to deplete your savings. But how much should you expect to spend on your Croatian getaway? We’re here to help you figure that out.

To give you some perspective, £1 is equal to about 9 kuna. So, how much does everything cost in Croatia?

The Cost of Accommodation

Hotel prices have risen over the years in Croatia, but you can still get a nice room with all the required amenities for a fraction of what you’d pay in Western Europe. The average person spends 276 kuna per night for a room along the Adriatic Coast. You might have to spend a little more on the islands. Or, you can stay in a hostel to reduce your accommodation fees significantly. Some hostels cost less than 86 kuna per night. Even better, why not opt for a sailing trip through Croatia's beautiful islands? This means accommodation is all taken care of, as you'll be staying onboard the boat!

The Cost of Beer

Croatia’s reputation for being a party paradise is on the rise, mostly due to its thumping nightlife scene. But the low cost of booze certainly adds to its appeal. The average tourist spends around 48 kuna (less than £6) on alcohol per day. As that’s just an average figure (and you might intend to live a little larger than the average person), it’s worth knowing how much you should expect to spend per drink.

The most famous domestic beers are Pan, Karlovačko and Ožujsko. In a bar, you should expect to pay between 15 and 20 kuna for any of those boozy delights. Buy from a store, and you’ll buy your beer at half price. Imported beers tend to cost more, though they rarely surpass 25 kuna.

The Cost of a Meal

We’ve established that food and accommodation are both affordable in Croatia. Now we’re going to do the same for food. Amazingly, a typical tourist will spend around 147 kuna on food per day. And that includes all meals and snacks. Throw in an extra 11 kuna, and that’s your water for the day sorted.

If you want to spend as little as possible on grub, we recommend heading at least 1km away from the main tourist attractions. Prices drop dramatically when products aren’t geared towards tourists.

In general, you should be expecting to pay between 15 and 45 kuna for breakfast and around 50 for a basic lunch (sandwiches, pizza, etc.). Dinner ranges from 75 to 260 kuna, depending on where you eat.

The Cost of Entertainment

During your stay in Croatia, you’ll want to do more than just hit the bars and eat (in most cases). Thankfully, entertainment is on the cheap side too. A city wall tour in Dubrovnik should cost around 130 kuna. Want to ride the cable car? That’ll cost just 200 kuna for two people. Admission fees to shows and museums cost an average of 58 kuna.

The Cost of Transport

Getting around Croatia is both straightforward and affordable. The average tourist spends just 54 kuna per day on local transport (buses, taxis, subway, etc.). No-frills intercity transportation costs an average of 138 kuna.

How to Determine Your Travel Budget

Now you know how much the necessities cost in Croatia, you can start planning your itinerary and managing your budget. As a final overview, the average tourist spends around 509 kuna per day in Croatia. That includes food, accommodation and entertainment. In other words, you could enjoy an activity-filled week in Croatia for just over £400 (not including flights).

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