What To Expect From Croatia Sailing In August

Annelise Moult

By Annelise Moult
12 Dec 2019

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Croatia is arguably one of Europe’s top destinations, and it’s not hard to see why. From its stunning coastline to the mouth-watering food, epic parties and genuine hospitality, Croatia is really bringing a lot to the table. This awesome destination really turns up the heat in the summer, both literally and figuratively - keep reading for the lowdown on what to expect from Croatia Sailing in sunny August.

First things first, August is a stellar month to travel in Croatia and there are plenty of awesome reasons why. You’ll essentially get all of Croatia’s best bits without the chaotic energy of festival season – the weather is top notch, the bars and clubs are in full swing and the overall atmosphere is jovial because it’s summer in Croatia!

Let’s delve a bit more into that toasty August weather, shall we? I’ll be honest, it’s going to be hot. It’ll be the kind of hot that makes you glad you’ve got that beautiful refreshing Adriatic Sea at your doorstep so you can cool off at any time. On average, you’re looking at high 20’s and early 30’s during the day– prime temps for lazing on the beach (covered in sunscreen, of course).

When the sun goes down, the temperatures will drop to the late teens and it’s the perfect time to get your daily intake of holiday ice cream (it’s less likely to melt all over your hands when it’s not in direct sunlight). Hot tip: if you’re on the hunt for A+ gelato, Icy Bar on the island of Hvar needs to be at the top of your agenda.

“How many people will I be sharing the beaches with in August?” I hear you ask. Early August realistically is pretty busy – it’s still peak season and the overflow of festival goers are enjoying the last few days of their vacation. As the month goes on, the crowds will thin out and become a bit more manageable. Let’s be honest, while you’re cruising along the Dalmatian Coast living the island hoppers dream onboard your floating home, you’ll barely notice the crowds! When you hit the mainland, it'll start to feel a bit busier, but you’ll be too busy living your best life to mind too much, plus it all adds to the buzzing atmosphere of these epic islands! A nightclub is no fun with just one or two other people in the room.

Although July is the month for festivals in Croatia, August still has its fair share of other things going on. If you’re a keen runner, the Hvar marathon takes place in August, with runners following a hilly route from Stari Grad all the way to lovely Hvar Town. If you’d rather opt for something a little more chill, why not check out the Full Moon Festival in Zadar. It’s a must-see if you’re in the area when it’s happening – the locals all turn off their lights and head to the candlelit waterfront to enjoy music and food.

Packing for a holiday can be hard at the best of times, and a little guidance never goes amiss. Speaking as a serial over-packer myself, you really never end up needing half the things you put in your suitcase before you leave (still shocked I never wore my floor length gown on my last Europe trip). Because Croatia is so lovely and warm in August, you can keep the packing fairly light, taking just the summery essentials (leaving more room for souvenir magnets, mugs, pins – you know the drill).

Make sure you pack your trusty swimmers, as you’ll basically be living in them at sea, as well as a few dresses, shorts and t-shirts. A towel will be a necessity, but you can always buy one of those from the markets when you arrive (another souvenir, yaaaas). Finally, as much as you feel like you’ll need 8 pairs of shoes, you’ll really only need sandals, flip flops and a pair of closed toe shoes for hiking and serious dance floor moves.

On your trip, you’ll likely spend a large amount of your time on board the boat in your swimmers, in between refreshing dips. Croatia is quite a religious country, so when you’re out and about exploring the beautiful islands, it’s important to pop on a top of some sort out of respect. Sandals or flip flops will be perfectly fine to wander around in and on a night out, both guys and girls can get away with t shirts and shorts or dresses. Some clubs won’t allow flip flops inside, so to be on the safe side, wear sandals or sneakers instead so nothing gets in the way of you and that dance floor.

In terms of how much things will cost in August, as it’s still considered high season, things like accommodation can be a little on the pricey side so doing a guided sailing trip is the way to go - your accommodation will be sorted, as well as breakfast and lunch on board. On that note, please remember it’s incredibly important to tip your boat crew and it means a lot to them! They spend the week giving you an epic experience and making sure you have the best Croatia Sailing trip ever, so by tipping 50-100 kuna per crew member, you’ll really be showing your appreciation.

For food and drink off the boat, you can expect to pay around 80-120 kuna for a decent main meal in a restaurant, with a domestic beer to wash it all down costing about 25 kuna. Don’t forget you’ll need to include a tip at the restaurant – 5-10 kuna per person will do the trick.

When you’re exploring Croatia, you should absolutely check out some of the awesome sights! There’s an array of museums to take a look at, with entrance to most of them being around the 50 kuna mark. The Walls of Dubrovnik walking tour is a must for Game of Thrones fans (or anyone who likes a nice view!) and is 200 kuna and there’s also a great cable car in Dubrovnik which you can get a return ticket on for 175 kuna.

Finally, if you’re looking to get in touch with nature, Mljet National Park is where you want to be. It costs 125 kuna to get in (75 with valid student ID) and you can explore its beautiful surrounds to your hearts content. Hire a bike or kayak for an extra fee and enjoy taking in the breathtaking views.

So there you have it! With great weather, more manageable crowds and some great events, choosing August to sail Croatia is a no brainer. Check out our awesome Croatia Island Hoppers and One Way Sails from Split to Dubrovnik (and vice versa) and if you’re looking to also check out the insanely beautiful National Parks, look no further than our perfect 2 day Croatian Adventure!