Croatia Sailing: Essential Items To Pack

Katherine Kooistra

By Katherine Kooistra
14 Jan 2021

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Jumping onboard a Croatia sailing adventure but not sure what to pack in your bags? Check this packing guide out for some absolute musts to ensure you have a great trip!

  • Loose and lightweight clothing Temperatures can soar high in Croatia so it pays to have loose and lightweight clothes. Think linen shirts, breathable cotton dresses and shorts to ensure you stay nice and cool during those hot Summer days.

  • Light jacket Sometimes nights can get a little chilly, or there are days where storms come through the coastline. To stay nice and dry make sure to pack a light jacket in your bag.

  • Activewear There’s plenty of places to hike around or do some outdoor activities. It’s a great idea to pack some comfortable sports clothes and walking shoes that can hack a hike or bike ride.

  • Swimming clothes What’s a sailing trip without some good old bathers (or togs if you’re a Kiwi)! Croatia has some of the most beautiful water in the world and so of course you’re going to want to dive in headfirst. Be sure to pack your bikinis, budgy smugglers or swimming shorts.

  • Beach towel Given the amount of time you’ll be spending in the water, it definitely pays to pack a beach towel. If you don’t want to lug one throughout Europe with you, pick up one from one of the many markets there are scattered around.

  • Flip flops Flip flops are the perfect shoe to wear around the boat and when strolling around the villages and islands.

  • Power pack Boats don’t always have available power to charge your devices, so it pays to bring your own power pack. Charge your power packs during the day and then you can charge your devices with the powerpacks while you sleep at night.

  • EU power adaptor The boats have EU plugs so be sure you don’t forget to pack a Europe power adaptor to charge up all your devices.

  • Drink bottle Stay nice and hydrated with a drink bottle. Most of the Busabout boats come with a water cooler so you can fill up your drink bottles with water, meaning you’ll also be environmentally friendly.

  • Books or magazines You’ll have lots of time to chill whilst sailing, so it’s a great idea to pack some reading materials.

  • Pack of cards Bond with your new sail mates with some card games. Not only a great way to break the ice but also a chance to learn new games and practice old ones.

  • Portable speaker If you like the idea of a never-ending party wherever you roam, don’t forget to pack a portable speaker.

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat Be sure to throw some SPF50, sunnies and a hat into your bags! You’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun.


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  • Electrolytes The best way to fight hangovers and stay healthy while in Croatia is by packing some electrolytes in your luggage.