5 Amazing Street Art Destinations Around The World


By Busabout
20 Mar 2020

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Sun, sand and sea not quite colourful enough for your liking? If you’re more of a modern art lover than a beachgoer, you might want to include a few graffiti and street art tours in your next adventure. But where are the world’s best cities and destinations for awe-inspiring graffiti? Here’s a selection of our favourites.

Gardens of the Three Chimneys, Barcelona

As a city that was once a home for artists including Picasso and Dali, it’s no wonder that beautiful Barcelona’s artistic heritage is widely admired. Naturally, its street art is among the best in the world. The city’s street art scene began in the Gothic quarter when many of the area’s buildings were abandoned. Now, there are fully legal spots all over the city where local and international artists can perfect their craft. One of the best places to glimpse a large collection of works is Gardens of the Three Chimneys, a purpose-built graffiti park.

Prague, Czech Republic

Under communist rule, the right to free expression was – well, not a thing. But that didn’t stop street artists from expressing their plight through the power of graffiti. You’ll find amazing works of art in many of the back streets of Prague. And, what makes much of Prague’s street art unique is that many of the city’s artists still opt for paintbrushes over spray cans. One of the most famous names in the Czech street art scene is Pasta Oner, who has covered many of the city’s storefronts, walls and columns into modern visual spectacles.

Cairns Laneways

Cairns is a beautiful Australian city that we love for its quirky street art culture. Cairns oozes a fresh and funky vibe in many districts, but you’ll find the best street art on the laneways near Grafton Street. You’ll certainly have plenty of photo opportunities while walking around Cairns, especially if you make the most of your trip by checking out the range of tours on offer.

Urban Art Gallery, Lisbon

This graffiti-covered wall in Lisbon is a sight to behold in itself. But what’s really impressive about this gallery is its founder, Daniel Soares, who is on a mission to change people’s perspective on what they view as anti-social behaviour. During one of his campaigns, Daniel transformed waste removal trucks, cars and bottle recycling containers into works of art, attracting over 3,000 visitors in one month. He also took the public on tours to demonstrate how street art can bring life to a city.

Graffiti Street, Melbourne

As a modern country, Australians embrace street art just as much as they do surfing, and one of the best examples of that is in Melbourne. Many of the city’s laneways are covered in awesome street art. Even Banksy once made his mark here, but his art has since been removed (in an area where graffiti is now legal). Nevertheless, if you want to see street art around every corner, head over to Melbourne.

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