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2020 has been a year like no other. For those of us that entertain our curiosity by travelling the world, COVID-19 had us stuck in isolation. It hasn’t been easy and with global travel restrictions, the lack of an accessible vaccine and the uncertainty of the coming months, we don’t know when we will go back to life pre-covid.

All of what’s unfolded so far has led to the most difficult decision we’ve ever had to make as a business - suspending our 2021 trips. As you know, Busabout values freedom and flexibility, and we give you that with our Hop-on Hop-off coach network and real free time on our tours. Right now, given the world is where it is, we have no way of guaranteeing freedom or flexibility for our guests in 2021. It’s impossible for us to ensure seamless operations of our coach network and guided tours. With no idea what the future holds in the ever changing climate, it would be too risky for us and for our guests to go ahead with our 2021 plans as usual.

We understand this news is heartbreaking, it is for us to.

Please stay safe as the world comes to term with our new reality.

We hope to be in touch soon with further information.

The Busabout Team


  • Why did you have to suspend the 2021 coach network?

    Our Hop-on Hop-off Coach Network spans 38 destinations in 14 European countries. These coaches travel through each of these destinations every 2 days. With the uncertainly of border restrictions and potential future outbreaks, it would be difficult to resume our operations as usual. We refuse to provide experiences that are going to be disappointing for our guests, therefore all Adventure Planner trips and Hop-on Hop-off Passes are not able to run in 2021.

  • Why are you suspending 2021 guided tours?

    Every year over 50% of our guests travel on a combination of the Coach network and guided tours. Without the coach network running in 2021, we are unable to guarantee the necessary amount of guests on one of our tours. One of the main reasons guests choose to do a tour is to meet new people and socialise. You wouldn’t be getting that in 2021 on any of our trips due to reduced guests numbers.

  • What about my travel credit?

    If you currently hold any Future Travel Credit with us you can use this credit on one of many The Travel Corporation brands on trips for travel in 2021 or 2022.

    When you want to use your credit, please contact us and we’ll be able to assist you with your booking. Remember, your Future Travel Credit will only expire on the 31st of December 2022.

  • My 2020 trip was suspended, what happens next?

    Our team have contacted all travellers who were booked on one of the suspended trips. If you booked through a travel agent please make contact with them directly regarding your booking. Passengers with trips impacted by the suspension will receive a full credit of monies paid to use on any future TTC trip in 2021 or 2022, anywhere in the world. If you booked a Tomorrowland package, your trip has now been automatically cancelled and refunded.

  • Can I reschedule my trip?

    If you do want to reschedule your trip, to give you more flexibility we’ve temporarily changed the terms of our cancellation policy. This means you have even more time to make decisions about your future travel plans without worrying about increasing penalties. If you do not wish to reschedule your trip, you will receive a full credit of monies paid to use on any future TTC trip in 2021 or 2022.

  • Are there fees associated with changing my trip?

    There are no fees to move your booking to another TTC trip or departure date. As long as you reschedule your trip at least 30 days before departure there will be no cancellation penalties or fees. You’ll only ever need to pay the difference in price for the re-booked trip, if applicable. If the re-booked trip is cheaper than the trip fare you’ve already paid then you’ll be refunded the difference.

  • Who can I talk to?

    Did you book with a Travel Agent? If so, your Travel Agent may have their own policy regarding your booking. Please make contact with your Travel Agent regarding any changes to your booking or for details of your credit. Your Travel Agent will be able to speak directly with us about your booking changes.

    If you booked via the Busabout website, or with one of our expert team over the phone, we are on hand to provide help and make changes to your booking.

    Use our Contact Us form for any enquiries.