On this epic adventure, you’ll travel through scorching deserts to some of America’s smallest towns, to its biggest cities.

The American frontier calls and it’s your duty to answer. Explore historic lands steeped in culture and intrigue. Lands where Stetsons are mandatory, Johnny Cash is worshipped as a god and horse-riding is a way of life. On this epic adventure you’ll travel through scorching deserts to some of America’s smallest towns, to its biggest cities. You’ll hop from honky-tonk to honky-tonk, country ballads following close behind, all the way to Sin City and the City of Angels. Brave the frontier and discover the best of the wild west.

We spend 8 days exploring USA. We visit Fort Worth, Amarillo, Santa Fe, Durango, Williams, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles.

What Is Included...

  • Your fantastic Busabout crew

  • 7 nights’ accommodation

  • 7 breakfasts

  • All coach transport

  • Visit the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

  • Watch the sunset at the Grand Canyon

  • Entry to the Grand Canyon National Park 

Trip Highlights
  • Embrace cowboy culture in Amarillo
  • Hike into the depths of the Grand Canyon
  • Catch a show in Las Vegas

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Grand Canyon Grand Canyon
Hollywood Hollywood
Las Vegas Las Vegas

8 Day Itinerary

Wild West Adventure 8 day full itinerary breakdown and route map

Day 1

Fort Worth to Amarillo 

Ready for an adventure? Good! We’re off to Amarillo. Before you ask, yes, this is the way to Amarillo. We’ll be passing through Wichita Falls en route, home to the world’s smallest skyscraper. This afternoon we’ll be stopping off at the Cadillac Ranch: a monument to the golden age of American automobiles crafted from ten colourfully painted Cadillacs. Grab some spray-paint and go to town! You’re free to explore Amarillo this afternoon! Check-out Sixth Street Historic District for stellar shopping, restaurants galore and truly rustic architecture. Meat fanatics might fancy trying their hands at Big Texan Steak Ranch’s 72-ounce (2kg) Steak Challenge tonight. Devour the whole thing in under an hour and it’s free!

Day 2

Amarillo to Santa Fe

In true road trip fashion, we’ll be riding along Route 66 today with Santa Fe as our destination. We’ll arrive in the afternoon and hit the streets for an orientation walk before you’re free to do your own thing. This is the United States’ oldest settlement, so get your history cap on and bask in the town’s 15th century roots. The older parts of the city proudly boast pueblo adobe architecture, which calls back to an era where Navajo natives and Spanish settlers lived a peaceful co-existence.

Day 3

Santa Fe to Durango  

No rest for the wicked because we’re back on Route 66 early this morning and heading for sunny Durango. We’ll arrive in the early afternoon for an orientation tour, then you’re free to seize the day. Famous for its adrenaline fuelled fun, Durango offers a vast range of exciting, historic and natural outings. Brave the rapids of the Lower Animas River with a white water rafting excursion or saddle up on a horseback excursion across glorious mountain ranges. Bargain hunters shouldn’t pass up some antique shopping, then stop in at one of the many boutique shops. Tonight, enjoy some delicious food in a local establishment and prepare for the often vivid, often wild Durango nightlife.

Day 4

Durango to Monument Valley to Williams 

We’re done with Durango and off, bright and early, towards Williams. Get ready for a mind-blowing visit to a common backdrop of American cinema: Monument Valley. These historic buttes feature in an array of impressive films including The Lone Ranger, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Forest Gump. As we continue our travels there’ll be ample opportunity to snap some shots of these awe-inspiring icons of the wild west. Onwards and we’ll be arriving in Williams in the early evening. This sleepy town’s nestled deep into Pine Country Arizona and is as American as Apple Pie. From its flickering neon-signs to its signature diners, Williams is the quintessential Route 66 pitstop. 

Day 5

Grand Canyon

Today’s like Christmas and your birthday rolled into one gloriously exciting day. Today, we’re visiting the Grand Canyon. This truly magical phenomenon is 446 kilometres long, up to 29 kilometres wide and almost 2,000 metres deep. Now that’s what we call impressive. Explore this natural wonder’s deep depths with various walking trails or, for the extravagant amongst us, get a bird’s eye view in an optional helicopter ride. Learn all about its precarious cliff faces and the Colorado river running through its heart. Anyone wanting a more relaxing day can find a cliff-side spot and absorb the unbeatable views with a good book. This afternoon we’ll reassemble and enjoy watching the sun set over the Canyon. Get a good night’s rest because tomorrow we’ll be on our way to Sin City!

Day 6

Williams to Las Vegas

Sin City calls so we’re banning inhibitions. Leave ‘em at the door, we don’t want ‘em. Before we arrive at Las Vegas, we’ll be soaking up as many of Route 66’s top sights as possible. Seligman, a town frozen in time, is first up. Here we’ll pick up some Route 66 souvenirs and snap some shots of all the old-fashioned stores. Kingman is next, where we’ll have lunch. This town’s home to a Route 66 Museum and a classic American diner. Yes, like the ones from the movies. Come afternoon we’ll arrive in Vegas and head out for a drink and a stroll along the famous strip. Absorb the street entertainment and get carried away with the glitz and glamour in this city of indulgence. Later, we’ll bask in the neon-glow of a city that truly never sleeps from a rooftop bar.

Day 7

Las Vegas 

Today, indulge in Vegas’ sinful delights! Hit up the world’s most famous casinos as you roll down the strip. Risk it all on red in the MGM Grand, or check out the Neon Museum where neon signs spend their retirement. Getting hungry? Well a stop at the Heart Attack Grill on Fremont St will fix that. Channel your inner glutton and gorge on mammoth-sized portions, whilst waiting staff linger nearby, ready to serve punishments to anyone with eyes bigger than their bellies. Tonight, head to see one of the famous Las Vegas shows, ride the world’s tallest observation wheel, or just get lost in the lights.

Day 8

Las Vegas to Los Angeles 

Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so leave your secrets behind and join us as we amble out of Sin City, back into reality. Alas, our final stop––Los Angeles––draws near, but there’re still sights aplenty left to see! The Mojave Desert will accompany us as we drive, providing views of jutting rocks and prickly Joshua trees. In the late afternoon we’ll arrive in Los Angeles, which will mark the official end of our once in a lifetime adventure. 

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