What To Do In Prague If You Have 1 Or 2 Days

Emma Kershaw

By Emma Kershaw
04 Feb 2020

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Nicknamed the City of a Hundred Spires, get ready to experience the beauty and culture of Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Wander the streets of the Old Town and take in the historical sights or immerse yourself in the lively nightlife scene. Whatever your trip style may be, there’s something for everyone in Prague.

1 day in Prague | The Must Do’s

If you’re short on time, an early start is a must. Fuel your day with a traditional Czech breakfast of rohlíks (bread rolls) served with meats and cheeses. After filling up on breakfast, make your way to Prague Castle, a UNSECO monument with traditions of more than 1000 years. Built in the 9th century, visitors can bask in the rich history with an hour-long guided tour, visiting the Cathedral of St. Vitus and the old Royal Palace.

Next, take the short walk to Mala Strana, also known as Lesser Quarter. One of the most romantic areas of the city, the winding cobbled streets, ancient churches and quaint buildings have a fairytale-like charm.

Charles Bridge is a must-see, spanning 520 metres across the Vltava River, the bridge is adorned by a mixture of gothic and baroque statues. Visitors can soak up over 600 years of history while experiencing an incredible panoramic view of Prague.

For lunch, stop at the renowned Café Savoy. Indulge in plenty of sweet treats and traditional pastries in one of the city’s most-loved eateries. Booking in advance is definitely recommended or you’ll be in for a long wait, as Café Savoy is extremely popular amongst both tourists and locals.

After lunch, stroll 5 minutes east and you’ll find Museum Kampa, a modern art gallery featuring Jan and Meda Mládek’s collection of works from Czech and Central European artists, including Frantisek Kupka, one of the founders of modern abstract painting.

Continue along another 5 minutes and you’ll come across the John Lennon wall. Lennon was a powerful symbol of non-conformity for young people throughout Communist-ruled Czechoslovakia and his unfortunate death in 1980 inspired fans to draw portraits and write messages in remembrance. On the wall you’ll find lyrics from The Beatles and inspiring messages in colourful pops of spray paint. A visit to the Lennon wall is a must-do.

For the rest of the day, base yourself in the bustling Old Town. The meandering cobbled streets are lined with colourful and gothic architecture and an array of restaurants, bars and cafes. Spend some time marvelling the sights including the Jan Hus Monument. Take a tour of the Old Town Hall and visit underground caves, hidden rooms and eerie dungeons as you bask in the 14th century history.

Mlejnice is the perfect spot for dinner. Ever-popular amongst locals and tourists alike, this low-lit atmospheric eatery serves up some of the best traditional Czech cuisine as well as some American-English favourites.

A visit to Prague wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the nightlife. Enjoy a traditional Czech beer in one of the many pubs or head to a speakeasy-style bar for a delicious cocktail or two. Round off the night with a little entertainment at Blue Sklep, where you can hear jazz, blues and folk music nightly until 2:30am.

If you have more time | local experiences

Letna Park is the perfect place to kick off your second day in Prague. Grab some pastries (Trdelnik is a rolled dough topped with cinnamon and sugar and is one of the most popular pastries in Prague) and fresh fruit and bag yourself a prime spot for breakfast with a breath-taking view.

Head to a local pub for a relaxed afternoon of bohemian beer and people watching. Pivovarský Dům is a small microbrewery serving up an extensive list of beers, including some more out-there flavours such as coffee and champagne. The Czech lager here is very popular with the locals and is served at a reasonable price.

Rudolfinum, a 19th century neo-renaissance building on the banks of the Vltava River, is the perfect place to spend the evening. Hosting the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, immerse yourself in some of the best music Prague has to offer.

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