Top Spots To View And Photograph The Eiffel Tower


By Busabout
04 Nov 2019

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If you’re visiting Paris for the weekend, you’ll no doubt have plans to visit the Eiffel Tower and you’ll likely want to leave the French capital with plenty of pictures of this Parisian icon. Lucky for you, Paris has plenty of vantage points where you can take amazing photos of the Eiffel. Don’t know where to start? We recommend heading to these places.

Montparnasse Tower

The 200-metre tall Montparnasse Tower offers panoramic views of the Eiffel tower and the cityscape of Paris. You’ll notice its perfectly designed lines leading toward Paris’s most iconic structure. We recommend taking your wide-angle camera to get the best shots of the city and its beautiful streets.

Throughout the summer, Montparnasse Tower remains open from 9:30am to 11:30pm. So, whether you want to capture the sparkling city lights, the Eiffel at sunset or a magnificent view of Paris on a sunny day, you need to visit the Montparnasse Tower.

Seine River

The Seine River has plenty of vantage points where you can capture photos of the Eiffel Tower from ground level. One of the best spots that offers unobstructed views of the Tower is at the Ponte de l’Alma, which lies on a curve of the Seine. You can also cross the river to find the Place du Trocadero. Climb the staircase that leads to this beautiful building, and you’ll be rewarded with great views of the Eiffel Tower.

Want to photograph the Tower from as many angles as possible? Walk along the Seine from the Louvre towards the Eiffel Tower. Stick to the northern side of the river, and you’ll see the Eiffel from a variety of angles. Plenty of bridges that cross the river provide the perfect place to set up your tripod.

Champ de Mars

The Champ de Mars is a large green space between the Eiffel Tower and École Militaire. Here, you can take photos of the Tower from various angles. Whether you want wide-angle landscapes or close-up details of the structure, Champ de Mars will be your photography playground. While you’re so close to the Eiffel, you might use this as an opportunity to climb to the top and capture panoramic shots of Europe’s most romantic city.

Rue Saint Dominique

Along the charming street of Rue Saint Dominique, you’ll find restaurants, shops, bars, cafes and beautiful architectural masterpieces. It’s often described as the perfect mix between traditional French culture and chic elegance. But for our purposes, we love this street because of the view it provides of the Eiffel Tower. Want to capture images of a quaint Parisian street with the city’s most iconic structure in the background? Rue Saint Dominique is the place to go.

Rue Jean Rey

Rue Jean Rey is a personal favourite of ours when it comes to taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower. You can reach this street by catching the subway to Bir Hakeim metro station. Either capture images of the Eiffel with a line of pruned trees in the foreground or head to the nearby Australian embassy, where you can include a picture of a koala and kangaroo in your shot of Paris’s most famous landmark.

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