The Top 6 Spots for Black and White Photography in Amsterdam


01 Aug 2019

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In this day and age with the serious improvement in phone cameras, everybody can be a “photographer” - but not everyone has an eye for it! So for your upcoming visit to Amsterdam this year, we’ve teamed up with VAWAA and Amsterdam based artist and photographer Tatjana. With a lifelong fascination for light, Tatjana uses black and white photography to create the perfect shot. In her words "I spend hours walking along canals, catching secrets beyond words that this amazing city whispers to me. In this fairy-tale environment, everything counts and blends into a magic potion." She’s listed the best local spots to photograph in Amsterdam!

Hop on your bike and head to Tatjana’s 6 favorite destinations with your camera.

1. Corner Bullebaksluis & Marnixstraat

Find this corner just off Jordaan and Bloemgracht - make it a point to notice the urban landscape changing with wonderful effects.

Corner Bullebaksluis and Marnixstraat Amsterdam

2. Brouwersgracht

Named after breweries from the 17th century and now serving as spacious lofts, Brouwersgracht (“Brewers' Canal”) is a must as it’s one of the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam. Pro tip: stop by Café Tabac, pictured here on the right!

Brouwersgracht Amsterdam

3. Torensluis

Torensluis (“tower lock”) is both the oldest and widest bridge in the city! It's so wide because it once had a tower built atop, up until 1829. You’ll want to make sure you shoot the gorgeous Singel canal it overlooks. It's hard to take a bad pic here!

Torensluis Amsterdam Bridge

4. Oudezijds Kolk

Next, head to the center of Amsterdam, the oldest part of the city dating back to the Middle Ages. Recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, no doubt this spot will take up some of your memory card!

Oudezijds Kolk Amsterdam

5. Bloemgracht

Quick pitstop at Bloemgracht ("Flower Canal") to take a snapshot of the many hanging flower pots along the streets. This place is popular, so you may have to wait and be patient to get the perfect shot!

Bloemgracht Amsterdam

6. Leliegracht

And lastly, head to Tatjana’s favorite canal, Leliegracht (“Lily Canal”) for lovely open views over the water. The archways underneath the bridges and the beautiful architecture will give you plenty to take in.

Leliegracht Amsterdam

If you’re not familiar with VAWAA, Vacation With An Artist, it’s a way to book mini apprenticeships with artists across the world. Great for those who like to learn while traveling.

If learning black and white photography has been on your bucket list, we recommend booking a 2 day studio session with Tatjana, a master photographer, architect and teacher. Together you’ll walk around Amsterdam, and she'll teach you how to capture portraits, abstract shots and architecture. Or if you prefer, stay indoors for studio photography and printing sessions! All levels are welcome.

Images provided by Tatjana Todorovic.