Travel Through Europe Learning from Master Artists


By Busabout
17 Jul 2019

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Let’s be real, it can be very easy to get caught up in the excitement of travel, and get overly-focused on ticking of the big bucket list items. As well as giving in to the pressures of FOMO, it’s not easy staying present and doing what actually matters to you. So in efforts to help you do just that, we’ve teamed up with VAWAA to help you slow down – ideal for creative travellers who want to learn an awesome new art while they’re on the road.

VAWAA stands for Vacation With An Artist. In a nutshell, it’s a private mini-apprenticeship with curated master artists and craftspeople from all over the world. You get to discover a culture and an art form by working one-on-one with a master, inside their artist studio.

No matter your level of experience or previous background in the arts, you can immerse yourself for a few days with a tonne of different options. Work on a long-lost passion in Paris, sharpen your photography skills in Amsterdam, or dive into the world of printmaking in Prague!

We’ve created a special adventure that includes four different VAWAA's you can do on your upcoming European Hop-On Hop-Off from Paris to Rome.

First, learn to make porcelain ceramics in Paris

Spend four days learning all there is to know about porcelain paper clay, based in the contemporary art scene of Paris! Get clued up on the unique properties of this medium, learning from the best to create incredible pieces that stand out with their whiteness and translucence. Sally will guide you in hand building and decorating techniques to create your very own ceramic objects, from plates, bowls, lighting forms, jewellery and sculpture.

PorcelainCeramics Sally Experience

Next - learn black and white photography in Amsterdam

After Paris, head to Amsterdam and let this city’s canal-lined streets provide plenty of inspo! Get ready to learn black and white photography with Tatjana, a master photographer, architect and teacher. For two days, walk or bike around to capture beautiful portraits, abstract and architecture shots. Or if you prefer, stay indoors for studio photography and printing sessions!

BlackWhitePhotography Tatjana Portrait

Then - learn calico and screen printing in Prague

Spend three days printmaking alongside these two museum paper restorers and printmaking masters! From exploding colours to wild patterns, immerse yourself in the lost world of Eastern Europe printing and design in the fairy tale city of Prague. You’ll learn the Calico printing history of the region, before getting your creative juices flowing and designing and printing your own patterns to create handmade stationery.

CalicoScreenPrintmaking OndrejJan Portrait

End with salt soap making in Ljublijana

Between Munich and Venice, stop by Anja’s soap lab for a day and experience the healing power of salt. Learn the entire soap making process from start to finish, and leave with your own natural handmade bars to take back home. These make for some pretty incredible gifts! Make sure you also explore stunning Lake Bled amidst Slovenia’s jaw-dropping mountain landscapes.

SaltSoapMaking Anja Experience

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

All photo credit to VAWAA.