The Cost of Travelling In Greece


By Busabout
02 Dec 2019

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Fascinating history, renowned cuisine, stunning islands and long coastlines have all made Greece one of the top European tourist destinations for decades. Now with prices still low in most areas, there’s never been a better time to visit.

Wondering how much you should expect to spend on your Greek adventure? These guidelines should give you a good idea.

The Cost of Food

Greek cuisine has been evolving for the past four millennia. It’s inspired various dishes in just about every European nation. Thankfully, Greek food is just as affordable as it is delicious. The average tourist spends less than €30 per day on food, which includes three meals and snacks. Your daily fill of water will cost you less than €2.50.

Wondering what to feast on during your stay? We recommend trying the spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) and souvlaki (traditional Greek fast food). Mezze dining is also popular in Greece - it’s the nation’s answer to Spanish tapas.

The Cost of Beer

Nightclubs in Greece can be rather costly (entrance fees can be as high as €25), but you can enjoy beverages on a budget. You can spend around €12 per day on alcohol, and you’ll find the cheapest prices in the traditional tavernas rather than the tourist-oriented bars and clubs.

While prices can vary depending on where you are and which venue you visit, you should expect to pay an average of €4 per pint of domestic beer as you travel in Greece. A small bottle of imported beer costs about the same.

Buy alcohol from a shop or market, and you can save a small fortune. For half a litre of domestic beer, you’ll pay about €1.25. A small bottle of imported beer will set you back around €1.75. More of a wine connoisseur? A store-bought bottle of mid-range local wine costs, on average, €7.

The Cost of Accommodation

Accommodation costs in Greece have steadily risen over the years, but it’s far from challenging to find a bargain. The average tourist spends €55 per night for a hotel room in the busy tourist areas. Want to trim your accommodation expenses? Stay in a hostel, which can cost between €10 and €20 a night.

Be aware that accommodation costs can skyrocket during high season.

The Cost of Getting Around

Public transportation and taxis are both inexpensive in most parts of Greece. For example, a taxi costs a minimum of €3.50 in Athens, with every km driven costing €0.80. Stick to public transport if you’re traveling on a budget. One-way tickets cost between €1 and €1.40. A monthly pass costs just €30. Overall, you can expect to spend around €23 on local transport per day.

The Cost of Island Hopping

The Greek islands are so popular that ten of them, including Crete, Corfu and Kos, have international airports. Another 13 of them have domestic airports. But the most cost-effective way to reach the most popular islands is with one of our Greek Island Hoppers.

Our island hopper trip gives you accommodation, meals, activities and ferry tickets around the beautiful Greek islands. Visit world-famous island destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini and Ios in an 11-day adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Check out our dates and prices guide to find out more information.

Final Considerations

On average, admission fees to some of Greece’s most famous historical landmarks and museums cost €15. Intercity transportation costs around €62. Nevertheless, the average tourist spends just over €110 per day in Greece, meaning you could enjoy a week away in this Mediterranean gem for less than €800. If you’ve ever wanted to travel in Greece, now’s the perfect time!

Our Greek Island Hopper trip has been handcrafted to make sure you get to see the very best of this beautiful country in one easy, cost-effective adventure. What are you waiting for?! Greeece is calling!