Best Beaches To Visit In Greece


By Busabout
06 Nov 2019

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Greece’s beaches can undoubtedly be nominated as some of the very best in Europe. The nation’s islands are home to some of the world’s most unique and stunning shorelines, with natural sights that genuinely inspire awe.

And then there’s the golden sandy stretches with turquoise waters that burst into life over summer. Whether you want to dance to the biggest names in house music, relax on a secluded strip of white sand or explore Greece’s most amazing natural creations, there’s a beautiful beach for you.

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Kicking our list off to a lively start is Mykonos, one of the best Greek islands for all-night summer festivities. Super Paradise Beach is where much of the action takes place. Nightclubs play the best of dance music throughout the day and on into the early hours of the morning. This golden strip of sand, lapped by cool, clear waters, attracts thousands of party animals, celebrities and some of the world’s most celebrated DJs every year. The perfect place to enjoy beach serenity and let your hair down.

Kolimbithres, Paros

When you need a break from the party scene, the stunning beaches of Paros make a perfect retreat. Kolimbithres has the golden sand and turquoise waters you’d expect from a Greek gem in the Aegean. But this beach is a geological phenomenon, with its limestone rocks carved out by nature over time. You can discover hidden coves on foot or by swimming around the shore. The water is transparent, warm and shallow, making it as relaxing as it is beautiful.

Red Beach, Santorini

Santorini might just be Greece’s best island for sunset views, but its unique beaches and dramatic cliffs are otherworldly, must-see tourist attractions. Volcanic sand and jagged cliffs that glow various shades of red attract thousands of visitors to Red Beach annually. Akrotiri is a remarkable archeological site that’s just a few steps from the beach. At this Minoan Bronze Age settlement, you can explore the ruins of structures that were buried by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC.

Mylopotas, Ios

Mylopotas Beach is just 2km away from Chora, the island’s largest town. But its convenient location isn’t the only reason why this beach happens to be Ios’s most popular. This long strip of white sand separates sparkling blue water from rolling hills. It’s a top nightlife destination during summer, when beach bars that roll out onto the sand are in full swing until sunrise. Adding more excitement to the mix are water sport activities ranging from windsurfing to paragliding - the atmosphere at Mylopotas can give any Greek beach a run for its money.

Sarakiniko, Milos

Sarakiniko resembles a moon landing site backdropped by turquoise waters. This rocky beach truly is a natural phenomenon that will be etched into your memory (and Instagram accounts) for a lifetime. Wind and time are responsible for the uniquely carved volcanic rock formations that dominate the shoreline. There’s a small strip of sand and very little in the way of activities besides swimming, but it’s a sci-fi-lover’s remote paradise. Well worth a day trip.

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