The Best Scenic Hikes In Europe


By Busabout
11 Oct 2019

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Europe is the world’s second-most densely populated and most developed continent. But there’s more than concrete jungles, architectural masterpieces and history to this diverse region. Mountain ranges, national parks and medieval towns make Europe a hiker’s paradise.

The only challenge for hikers in Europe is deciding where to go (and remaining in good enough shape to tackle daring routes).

Whether you’re looking for a winter wonderland or postcard-perfect sunlit valleys, you’ll find what you’re looking for along Europe’s best hiking trails. Here are some of our favourite destinations.

Tre Cime Natural Park

Located in Northeast Italy, the Tre Cime Natural Park offers views of the most dramatic landscapes in the Dolomites. Besides appropriate clothing and footwear, you don’t need any special hiking gear to complete this trail. You can either spend the day exploring this rugged yet picturesque park or hike from hut to hut during a three-day journey. If you’re new to hiking, this is an excellent place to start. Tre Cime is only a short bus ride away from Venice - a major stop on our coach travel network.

Grunau, Austria

Grunau im Almtal is one of Austria’s premier hiking routes. With 86 different trails to explore through an idyllic alpine landscape, it’s the ideal place for a peaceful holiday hike. During your walk, you’ll pass stunning lakes, ancient forests and some of the best mountain ranges in the nation. If you need to recharge, grab a rest at the famous Treehouse Hostel. Don’t forget to pack your camera, too!

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

This beautiful region just outside Bern feels like something out of a fairy tale. Lauterbunnen is a tiny village hidden in a beautiful mountain valley. The area has over 500km of hiking trails to enjoy and is within hiking distance of lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, green valleys and idyllic mountain railways. You’ll be instantly enamoured with the towering rock faces that convey a sense of mystery in this beautiful place.

Tour du Mont Blanc

Want to see more of Europe’s most famous mountain range? Then you should attempt the 110-mile Tour du Mont Blanc, which circumnavigates the Mont Blanc Massif in the Western Alps. Over the space of ten to 12 days, you’ll walk through the countries of France, Italy and Switzerland. You can reach the trail from either Bern or Milan, which are more or less equal distances from Mont Blanc.

Camino De Santiago Trail

The Camino De Santiago Trail covers a whopping 500 miles, though you can break that down into eight to ten shorter walks. You’ll hike through the majestic Pyrenees, which is the mountain range that divides Spain and France. It’s one of the world’s most famous Catholic pilgrimage routes. As such, it’s well-mapped and clearly signposted. In addition to natural valleys, mountains and countryside landscapes, you’ll see iconic landmarks such as the Santiago Cathedral.


The Tatra mountains remain something of a secret outside of Poland. This is a shame, as they offer some of the most beautiful hiking trails on the entire continent. It’s wild, breathtaking and utterly peaceful - something the more popular routes in Europe fail to achieve. One of the best longer trails is the walk from Dolina Gasienicowa through to Zawrat and up to Swinica Peak. There are a tonne of mountain huts throughout the region, as well as great places to stay in Zakopane itself. Cut loose into the wild and enjoy some peace and quiet.

You can get close to these excellent locations using our coach travel network which covers Europe’s most popular cities. Check out our adventure planner to put together your own hiking tour of the continent.