Best Cities To Visit In Scandinavia

Katherine Kooistra

By Katherine Kooistra
31 Jan 2020

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The north of Europe is home to some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and in recent years, tourism numbers have sky-rocketed to the Nordic capitals of Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm. Here’s some inspiration for things you definitely check out while you're there.


Where hipster meets chic, Copenhagen is where it is at. With groovy neighbourhoods, a multitude of galleries and museums and lively nightlife, Copenhagen is the perfect getaway. The city itself is small enough to walk around, so ditch the public transport and stroll. A classic thing to do whilst in this Danish capital is stroll the Nyhavn canal and check out the iconic colourful buildings. Visit the Design Museum and admire the classic Scandi designs. Even better - it's free for under 26's with ID. For an experience unlike any other, wander around Christiana. Based in the neighbourhood of Christianshavn, this former anarchist commune and now hippie utopia serves as the best spot to buy local handicrafts, check out some street art, grab a chilled bevvy and skate up a storm. On weekend nights, electronic music fans should definitely go to Culture Box to listen to a solid line-up of both international and local acts. Another hot spot is Chateau Motel with something for everyone: a karaoke room, electronic room and chill cocktail lounges.


Voted Europe’s Green capital of 2019, Oslo has got the perfect combo of parks and city life. Probably the strangest yet coolest park in Europe is found right in the Norwegian capital. Vigeland park is completely decked out with statues of naked people acting out different poses. If you’re a ski fan, head up to the Holmenkollen Ski Museum where you can see one of the oldest and most famous ski jumps in the world. Norway is known for its amazing sunsets and the best place to check it out is on the Opera House. The architect wanted to make it as accessible to the public as possible, so you're able to walk on the roof to get killer views.


Finland is known for its saunas, islands and breath-taking night sky, all of which you can check out when in Helsinki. Jump into a sauna whilst here and spend some time relaxing. Explore surrounding islands like Suomenlinna by catching a ferry from the Market Square. And speaking of markets, foodies should be in their happy place at Vanha Kauppahalli (The Old Market) where you can try local foods, like reindeer meatballs and salmon. An easy walk away from the Market is the Silent Church, a piece of bizzare architecture that is designed to be completely silent. One night in every 20 you are able to experience the auroras in Helsinki, so if you’re lucky enough you might be able to witness this natural marvel.


Stockholm is worth visiting just for the ABBA Museum alone. This interactive museum is the first of its kind in tribute to the famous Swedish band. I mean, who doesn’t like ABBA?? While you’re in Stockholm definitely go to the Vasa museum where you can see a 17th century ship which famously sunk and was then salvaged. Spend time strolling the Old Town to explore its medieval buildings and make sure to eat some Swedish meatballs for dinner while you’re here - it’s tradition after all! Sweden gives England a run for its money with its changing of the Royal Guard. Most days the event takes place for 40 minutes and occurs outside the Royal Palace, something you should definitely check out.

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