The 6 Most Instagrammable Spots In Europe Right Now

Susie Byrd

By Susie Byrd
07 Mar 2017

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There seems to be an influx of list articles with the most worthy spots to Instagram or paste up all over your Snapchat story. While London, New York and Paris took the cake in 2016 for the most geotagged locations, here’s a few of my suggestions to fill your feed. Bonus: in real life, these places are even more mind blowing so take your pic and then get out and write your own story.

Burano, Italy

Even if you’re not familiar with the name, most assuredly you’ve already drooled over the bright colours of this blissful island near Venice. Rumour has it that each house is its own pop of colour so that the local fisherman could easily spot their homes from long distances! While you’re there you can also check out the extreme lean on the bell tower and chat with the local ladies about their boss lace-making skills.

Lisbon, Portugal

Speaking of colours and adding some to your Insta grid, Lisbon might just be the place. With winding streets and lego shaped houses cascading down the hills, this is prime Instagram country. The iconic trams travelling up the steep streets are a bonus capture. A bit of street art in the frame too will definitely up the likes! #youjelly?

Copenhagen, Denmark

Cobbled streets, and sickeningly cute pastel townhouses make sure Copenhagen is firmly at home on this list. Forget visiting the little mermaid statue, take a wander down and capture sunset at Nyhavn. My top pick is to head out of the centre to the Freetown of Christiana. It was founded by a group of hippies in 1971, so as you can imagine there’s art, homemade houses and organic cafés. Keep in mind this is a society separate from the Danish government so take note of no photograph rules! If you haven’t got your perfect shot just yet head to Tivoli Gardens, it’s an old amusement park dripping with nostalgia. It’ll definitely add a little magic to your Instagram.

Belgrade, Serbia

Not a city you’ll see on many lists for being pretty because pretty it is not. Belgrade has been destroyed so many times that it still primarily remains a relatively new city. Most of its socialist, block style architecture takes a front seat. But keep walking into the Savamala district and you’ll find some of the most incredible street art covering the vast concrete buildings, poles, street signs and electricity boxes. This is the street art that tells the story of the people of Beograd. It’s the pulse of the city so follow your heart into this visual, thought provoking landscape.

Meteora, Greece

Getting away from cities for a little bit to a tad of natural splendour… Meteora! If James Bond had a hide out in these towering sandstone formations, then it’s definitely good enough for a brief rendezvous on your next European trip. A picture is worth 1000 words and with monasteries perched precariously on top of these otherworldly natural wonders, it’s no surprise you’ll get friends and strangers begging where to find this spot. Bonus points if you can spy one of the monks that still live up here. These days there’s stairs instead of nets to get to the tippy top so get ready for leg day!

Riga, Latvia

One of my all-time favourite cities in Europe and for good reason… every architecture nerds’ paradise. It’s little known for having an incredible Art Nouveau movement so if you can drag yourself away from the intricate House of the Blackheads and the gothic spires in the city centre, to the beautiful building fronts in the Art Nouveau streets, you will be well rewarded. For an epic panorama, take yourself up to the rooftop Skyline Bar for sunset!

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