8 Of The World’s Top Spots For Adrenaline Junkies


By Busabout
21 Feb 2020

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For some, travel is all about chilling out by the pool in a sunny destination. But the idea of sitting still for a few seconds gives adrenaline junkies the chills. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of extreme sports destinations for those who like to get their heart racing on holiday.

Whether you like gliding down vertical slopes or between peaks, we’ve got a few travel destinations that might excite you. From the Swiss Alps to Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’, here are the world’s best destinations for adrenaline junkies.

Cairns, Australia

From Cairns, you can easily reach the Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef system and probably the best place to scuba dive. And if diving doesn’t provide your fill of adrenaline, you can head further inland to try bungee jumping, jungle swinging or other extreme activities. In fact, Cairns is home to Australia’s only multi-person jungle swing, which reaches speeds of up to 120km/h.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Switzerland’s stunning alpine village of Lauterbrunnen is one of the top European destinations for thrill-seekers. During winter, you can carve up the snow-capped peaks via snowboard or skis. In summer, the place transforms into a playground of activities, from canyoning to bungee jumping and paragliding. You’ll also find some of the world’s most celebrated base-jumping sites. That should be enough to get your blood pumping. You can find Lauterbrunnen on our Europe travel network.

Mont Blanc, France

For hikers, there’s nothing more exhilarating than climbing to the summit of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. During the trek up the mountain, you can walk inside a glacier and relish some of the best sprawling views on the continent. If that’s not quite exciting enough for you, go paragliding to see the dramatic landscapes from above.

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Just a short journey from Prague is the beautiful town of Český Krumlov. But it’s not the town’s beauty that gives it a place on our list. Český Krumlov is one of the best European destinations for white river rafting. If you’re new to extreme watersports, try tubing down the Vltava River. If you need a faster-paced activity, you can hit the rapids further downstream.

León, Nicaragua

Ever heard of volcano boarding? It’s pretty much how it sounds. You sit in a reinforced toboggan and glide down the face of a volcano at speeds of up to 90km/h. And you can try it in the world’s premier volcano boarding destination, León, Nicaragua. Just remember that you’ll have to hike up the volcano before you can glide down it. But you will be rewarded with some of the country’s most spectacular views during your climb.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

We’ve covered popular extreme sports like paragliding and bungee jumping. We’ve discussed the largely unknown activity of volcano boarding. Now let’s discuss something truly death-defying. Bolivia’s North Yungas Road is an infamously challenging 60km cycle track that passes near-vertical drops as it winds through the mountains. It goes by the nickname of ‘Death Road’, which means its certainly going to provide your adrenaline fix.

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