Timetable & Pick-up Location

Zagreb to Split

Route runs between 12 May - 03 Oct, 2020. Next departure is on Tue, 12 May.

  • 14:30pm Zagreb pick-up
  • 21:00pm Split drop-off

Approx duration 6h30m. Coaches will pick-up passengers every 2 days.

Coach meeting point

Chillout Hostel Tomićeva ul. 5A Zagreb, 10000, Croatia

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Activities & Day Tours

Must See & Do in Zagreb

The City

Zagreb is a vibrant city of around 800,000 people in northern Croatia. It charms its visitors with a pristine medieval 'old city' with architecture and cobbled streets not unlike the ones found in cities like Vienna, Budapest, Prague and other Central-European capitals.

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Top things to see
  • Zagreb Cathedral Easily identifiable by its twin spires, it is the most well known landmark of the city. The original cathedral dates back to 1217 but the present structure dates back to 1906.
  • St. Mark's Church Known for its colourful roof tiles depicting the coat of arms of Croatia and Zagreb, this small church was constructed in 1499.
  • Museum of Broken Relationships The museum's permanent display offers the opportunity to experience a unique emotional journey through dozens of love leftovers collected from all around the world. It won the award for the most innovative museum in Europe in 2011.
  • Old Town Gate Now a shrine to Virgin Mary. Please be silent, even if just passing through the Gate. The portrait of Mary is said to be sacred, because it is the only thing that survived the large fire.
  • Square of Maršal Tito One of the largest and greenest squares of Zagreb. It has the Croatian National Theatre in its centre.

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The Grounded Sun
Head south from the Ban Jelačić square to the Dubrovnik Hotel, then turn right into the Bogovićeva Street to see this 2 meter wide bronze sphere representing a scale model of the Sun, with 9 planets of the solar system in their scaled size compared to this Sun. Mercury is in Margaretska street, a couple of hundred meters to the west, Venus is on the pole of the building with Hypo bank on the Ban Jelačić Square & Earth is in Varšavska street to the left!