Timetable & Pick-up Location

Tours to Paris

Route runs between 01 Jun - 29 Sep, 2020. Next departure is on Mon, 1 Jun.

  • 16:45pm Tours pick-up
  • 21:30pm Paris drop-off

Approx duration 4h45m. Coaches will pick-up passengers every 2 days.

Coach meeting point

The People Hostel Tours 84 Avenue de Grammont, 37000 Tours, France

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Activities & Day Tours

Must See & Do in Tours

The City

Hovering somewhere between the style of Paris and the conservative sturdiness of central France, Tours is one of the principal cities of the Loire Valley. It's a smart, solidly bourgeois kind of place, filled with wide 18th-century boulevards, parks and imposing public buildings, as well as a busy university of some 25,000 students.

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Top things to see
  • Musée des Beaux Arts The fine arts museum, which in addition to a wide variety of paintings including works by Degas, Monet, Delacroix, Rubens and more, features a stuffed elephant in the entrance hall.
  • Tours Cathedral It only took 400 years, but the Cathedral of St Gatien isn’t half bad to look at.
  • Towers of Basilique Saint Martin St Martin was the medieval Bishop of Tours, and his basilica was sacked in the 1500s, leaving only these towers remaining. They are separate to the newer Basilica of St Martin.
  • Place Plumerau Beautiful central town square, once named the best place in France to enjoy an aperitif.
  • Loire Valley and Chateaux The extravagant summer houses of former nobility dot the countryside of the Loire Valley and give you a peek into the past.

Rillettes de porc
This pork delicacy relies on simple ingredients and accurate seasoning. Pork belly and fat, without liver, are mixed with garlic, shallots, fresh thyme, bay leaves, salt, pepper and French five spiced powder. It’s normally spread on crisp slices of French bread and eaten with gherkins.


Mamie Bigoude
This wacky creperie is decorated like a cartoonish house, meaning you can enjoy your crepes in the ‘bathroom’.