St Patricks Day

Best Party Ever?
Dublin, Belfast, Ballintoy, Killarney & Ennis

Discover why the world goes crazy for anything green on 17th March. On this day, everybody becomes Irish! There really is only one place on Earth to properly celebrate the world's Number One Saint, the country that taught the rest of the world how to party – Ireland. Be part of the mayhem with our friends at Shamrocker Adventures...

Trip Highlights:

  • City centre accommodation
  • Dublin walking tour
  • Catch all the festivities
  • Local Shamrocker Guide
  • Legendary Shamrocker St. Patrick's Party! 


  • St. Patrick was born to Roman parents (not a green blooded Irishman!).
  • Sadly we Irish weren't actually the first to celebrate it. The first St. Patrick's day celebrations were in Boston, America, 1737
  • Why do we drink? Because St. Patrick himself got angry at an inkeeper because he was served too small a whisky
  • 13 million pints of Guinness are drank on the day!

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