Cultural Festivals

We love a celebration. We like to party. And travel is our blood. That’s why
we are the cultural festival experts and we’re the best at it. We don’t cut corners to make a quick buck.
We give our passengers a truly authentic and full experience of every festival we visit.

When we visit, we visit well


Our accommodation kicks ass. Like we don’t stay 20 kilometers hours outside of Munich at some dodgy hotel. We stay at the Wombats Munich. A six minute walk from Oktoberfest so you can get amongst it. Or when we camp we don’t make you bring your own tent and leave you at the gates. We setup our campsites, cook you food, and have our crew on hand to 24/7 to complete your La Tomatina experience.


And our guides are there to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our crew care passionately about the experience and it’s our mission in life to make your travel truly epic. And you can rely on us.


Our festival packages aren’t just focussed on drinking. We want your experience to go further than just the party. That’s why our packages include free city orientation walks, a guided history of each festival, plus we offer great optional trips to local landmarks.


We’re so passionate about what we do that we offer a true book and go guarantee. We don’t operate a minimum number policy, and we never cancel. When you book an cultural festival with us you’re absolutely guaranteed to go. End of story.


Ps. We actually believe age is just a number. As long as you’re over 18 and open to free-spirited fun, you’re welcome to join any of our cultural festival trips.