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The ones where they’ve been somewhere no one else has heard of or done something impressively ‘local’. These stories are usually a little fabricated and in reality there was a ticket booth, 131 tourists and a tacky souvenir shop.

Other times they’re completely true and utterly incredible. These are the experiences you crave and we go out of our way to encourage them. We take you off the beaten track to destinations other companies don’t think about. We introduce you to the locals. And we gift you experiences that could inspire a bestseller.


Get The Best Stories with These Experiences


Nobody loves elephants more than Thailand. They’re the national animal. There’s an elephant headed god and the country is even shaped like one (the long thin bit is the trunk). But that doesn’t mean they always enjoy the best lives. So in Chiang Mai we give you the chance to help out elephants that have been abused or experienced a traumatic event. You’ll feed them, bathe them, hear their stories and contribute to the conservation of Thailand’s favourite animal.

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This is a Battambang legacy that has been going for more than 16 years. The Phare Ponleu Selpak is a performing arts school that was created so the children of Cambodia could express the trauma of war in a positive light. The name literally translates to Brightness of Arts. Performances are hosted by the school so the students can practice their amazing craft to a well-earned applause from visitors before they hit the main stage! Expect to be WOWED by these acrobatic gurus.

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Imagine yourself being on a magic carpet, well the ‘Norry’ AKA the ‘bamboo train’ is the Cambodian equivalent. Established during the French colonial era as a way of transporting coffee beans and agriculture goods, the train tracks span the Cambodian countryside. A cultural attraction, that is slowly disappearing, the Bamboo Train allows you to jump aboard and soak up the local way of life. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Songkran is the largest water-fight in the world - officially. At Songkran, everyone arms themselves with water pistols and takes to the streets for three days of aquatic carnage. It’s a cool break from the equatorial temperatures and an excuse to soak everything in sight. 

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The Paradise Caves are considered the most beautiful caves in the region and rightly so! The Dark Caves however are our kind of dirty - massive, hard, long and wet. Venture deep inside them and regress to a 5 year old as you frolic around in mud. Emerge from the muddy darkness and zip-line over a cleansing lake before kayaking across the river to an inflatable playground on the water.

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‘Time For Lime’ are well equipped to turn anyone into a master chef and offer a different menu every day! With fresh ingredients, careful instruction and a lot of fun, this is the perfect recipe (see what we did there) for a great evening! Between cooking and eating, grab one of the bars’ famous cocktails and admire the gorgeous beach! Add to the warm fuzzies in your tummy with the knowledge that all proceeds from the school go to supporting the fantastic work done by the Lanta Animal Welfare group!

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Explore More with these Destinations


There’s a store in town whose sole purpose is to make dreadlocks - welcome to Pai. The chill-out capital of Thailand. With alternative cafes, funky restaurants and quaint evening markets, Pai has everything one needs. It slows you right down into a hazy sense of peace. If you are feeling energetic, enjoy a scenic highland trek amongst local crops that ends at a refreshing waterfall (how good is that!). You’ll definitely leave Pai with plans to come back.

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A town that is often overlooked, Kampot is Cambodia’s best kept secret. Situated on the Todc Chhu river, which is a stunning deep blue hue, the town has quaint French architecture, tall lush trees and the warm embrace of Cambodia’s tropical climate. It is also home to the famous Kampot pepper, and apparently the best durian in South East Asia (if that tickles your fancy). With mini golf, happy hours, fireflies, river swimming and a memorable sunset vista, Kampot is as flavourful as its pepper.

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A one street town, Phong Na doesn’t scream “must-see” destination - but it definitely is. With stunning karst mountains and the Son River flowing through, Phong Na is beautiful. The scenery isn’t the only draw here though, as adventurous pursuits are abound. Mountain biking is massive. Lagoon Swims are dream-like. And Cave exploring is just downright fun. With so many options in the area there’s something for everyone.

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Set amongst some of the most vibrant green rice paddies and towering mountains, Mai Chau is a hidden gem for so many reasons. With local dishes that will make you feel like you're right back at Mums house, Mai Chau is your gateway to the heart of Vietnam.

Visit Mai Chau on our Vietnam Adventure >>


Perched in the mountains, Dalat at first glance is a French chalet village but on closer inspection you will find a kitschy Vietnamese hub! With mountain biking, swimming and all kinds of adventures this is a natural playground to explore the lakes and waterfalls. Take in the beautiful mountain-scape, watch the red sunset behind the mountains and spend the nights meandering through vibrant markets!

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This riverside community represents Cambodia’s second largest city but you wouldn’t guess it with their laid back attitude and small-town friendliness. The mix of beautiful French colonial buildings, bustling street markets and hidden cafes make Battambang a perfect stop on any trip.

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Time to take it back a notch, breathe easy and really settle into a relaxing holiday! Koh Lanta is not as wild as the other Thai islands, but this is just part of its charm. Expect yoga on the beach, funky shops in the Old Town, enchanting beaches, viewpoint bars and dense jungle exploration! Koh Lanta is definitely the spot to reflect, learn and really embrace the island life.

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