Top 5 Small Group Adventures In Europe


By Busabout
03 Feb 2020

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For travellers who want to experience a new city with a group that’s not too big, a small group tour is a perfect option.

Small group tours offer a nice level of intimacy that allows you to meet like-minded people. With this comes an even more authentic view of the place you’re visiting. You'll be able to talk with the tour guide on a more human level and get great personal recommendations tailored to your interests.

Going Underground

Known by locals as the ‘tube’, the London Underground is a fascinating slice of the city’s history with a lot of buried secrets. The fun ‘Going Underground’ tour explores the history and future of the tube and shines a light into some of it’s more interesting corners. Bustle through the stations during rush hour and you’ll learn many facts about London’s no.1 transport service.

The Underground tour meets at Baker Street Station which you’ll recognise from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The station itself pays homage to the Doyle books with its unique station decorations. From there, there will be lots of facts to learn about the underground, which nowadays welcomes 1.3 billion passengers a year. It’s a great tour for those who want to get to know the capital inside and out.

La Dolce Vita

‘La Dolce Vita’ means a life of pleasure and luxury in Italian and that’s exactly what you’ll find on this wonderful trip. Experience the highlights of Florence, Lauterbrunnen and Munich with a small group of like-minded backpackers all headed the same way.

It’s the perfect way to make friends on your European adventure and experience the wine, sunshine and incredible cities together. See the Colosseum in Rome, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Munich’s fantastic beer halls and more on this 11-day experience.

Northern Highlights

Starting in Paris and ending in Munich, the Northern Highlights trip is a great option if you want to explore the best of Europe’s capitals. It flies through 6 fantastic cities, including Paris, Amsterdam, Bruges, Berlin, Prague, and Munich. In just 13 days, explore exciting new cuisine, tourist destinations, and different cultures across the continent. Find the best macarons in Paris, explore Jazz bars in Amsterdam and wander through the stunning streets of Prague with your new best friends.

Roman Footprints

This one is definitely for the history buffs amongst you. Join a small group of like-minded adventurers as you explore some of the most interesting cities up the Adriatic Coast, through Venice and on to Rome, on the Roman Footprints trip.

Start in the Medieval walled city of Split and venture north through Croatia into Northern Italy. Sample some of Croatia and Italy’s best cuisine along the way and visit must-see spots such as Venice’s San Giorgio Maggiore, and Bologna’s San Luca Sanctuary.

The Royal Trip

A royal engagement awaits you! Feel like a royal when visiting two astonishing locations: Blenheim and Windsor.

Blenheim Palace is a stunning world heritage site with 300 years of history. It was the birthplace of Winston Churchill and you’ll find an exhibition inside dedicated to him, as well as a lot of rooms to explore. The garden is also lovely in the summer with a whopping 2000 acres to explore. No wonder it’s often referred to as Britain’s greatest palace.

Don’t let the Queen hear that though! Windsor Castle is where she resides and the royal building has housed many monarchs such as Henry VIII, Edward VII, and George IV, to name a few. On your trip, make sure you check to see whether the Royal Standard is flying over the castle. That means the Queen herself is at home!

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