Tips For Staying Healthy While Travelling

Katherine Kooistra

By Katherine Kooistra
23 Oct 2019

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Although travelling is the best thing in the world, it can often be a bit taxing on the body. With each bread or pastry you consume and long-haul journey you take, it’s hard to not feel a wee bit sluggish and unhealthy. Here are some tips and tricks to stay healthy on the road!

Do walking tours around the cities

Most cities in the world have walking tours run by local companies. These tours aim to show you the best spots of the city and give you an insight into the culture. There are a wide variety of different walking tours available, whether they be focused on the sights, street art, food, history or nature. Many tours are often free, where instead of paying a set amount, the guide will ask for tips and you can give however much you think their tour was worth. By doing one of these walking tours, not only are you able to experience what the city has to offer, but you are also able to be active and soak up some fresh air.

Opt for lower calorie beverages

While travelling, it’s easy to get caught up in holiday mode and indulge in a few drinks. However, instead of going for sugary cocktails or soft drinks, opt for lower calorie alternatives, such as vodka and soda. As soda contains no calories, the drink only has around 189 calories per 200ml, in comparison to a pina colada at 526 calories per 200 ml. You’ll thank me later.

Make your holidays activity-based

Be the envy of all your friends back home and go do something adventurous. Try skiing or snowboarding in the winter, or hiking, kayaking and surfing in the summer. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll get the chance to move your body as well.

Pace yourself

Treat your holiday like a marathon and not a race. Although it can be tempting to fill 14 hours a day with activities, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to chill out once in a while. Pace yourself, otherwise you will get run down and won’t be able to enjoy the rest of your trip. Try and get as much sleep as possible whenever you have the chance so that you are fit and rearing to go.

Use your legs for short distances

Whilst on holiday, it’s easy to become lazy and jump on any available bus, tram or Uber to take you a couple kilometres away. Try walking instead. It’s not only a great way to get your steps in for the day, but it gives you a real chance to experience the everyday life of the place. You never know what you may find. Or instead of walking, jump on a bike. Cities like London, Zurich and Paris offer cheap or free bikes that you can just hop on and make your way around the city.

Eat healthy

Although travelling is definitely all about indulging in the local cuisines, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be smart about it. For brekkie, instead of grabbing a bunch of pastries everyday, try oats, museli or fruit on the occasion. When you’re about to take a long bus journey and you really feel like grabbing 17 bars of chocolate, 31 bags of chips and 6 packs of sweets, try buying healthier snacks like fruits, cut-up veggies or unsalted seeds and nuts. For dinners, try making a stir-fry, a filling salad with chickpeas, or cook up some lean meat served with veggies at your hostel. For those without cooking facilities, you could try having a picnic with some pre-made supermarket salads or fill some bread-rolls with veggies and deli cold meats.