The Ultimate Guide To Your Eurotrip’s Best Swim Spots

Susie Byrd

By Susie Byrd
07 Mar 2017

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Pounding the pavement of cites the world over is all well and good but sometimes you need to get away from the churches, museums and concrete jungles. To make sure you’re not wasting precious time that could be spent on beaches, lakeside or under a waterfall, I’ve compiled a few of the most glorious swim spots in Europe. Leave your coat behind, we’re going to make it to the beach on time!

Krka Waterfalls (Croatia)

Don’t be listening to TLC’s “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” because this is precisely what you should be doing! An easy day trip from Split or Zadar, make sure to bring your togs/cossies/bathers because this is what being in a Disney film feels like. Wade out into the stunning emerald waters for a gratuitous waterfall picture on your GoPro. Now is the moment for little mermaid reenactments and slow mo hair flicks.

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Lake Almsee (Austria)

If you haven’t already heard the chatter on the Busabout bandwaves about Grünau and the Almsee Valley then let me rave for a minute. The Treehouse hostel and the host behind it, Gerhard will immediately make you feel at home. One of the best lasagnas you’ll taste outside of Italy and a crystal clear lake to take a dip in. Take a picnic lunch and make a day of it!

Lake Bled (Slovenia)

Speaking of welcoming hosts, if you get a chance to stay at the Jazz Hostel in Lake Bled, Jani and Urska will make sure you can find the most scenic place to take a swim in Lake Bled. If you prefer to work for the pleasure of a secluded spot, take a walk around the lakes edge for unrivalled views of the island in the middle of the lake. Plenty of space for your own lake party!

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Isle of Capri (Italy)

Frank Sinatra sung a song about it and in the 1950s it was visited by the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Clark Gable and Sofia Loren. They knew what was up. It was and still is a playground for the rich and famous but you can easily visit on our Italian Adventure trip. Take a cable car up to the top for #datviewtho or head to the islands most sought after experience…Grotta Azzurra or the Blue Lagoon. Reached through a tiny gap in the cliff via rowboat, this treasure can only be reached at certain times due to weather conditions. However, if you time it right… utopia!

Antiparos (Greece)

Get yourself on board the Greek Island Hopper if for no other reason than to sign yourself up for the Paros boat trip excursion. Think crystal clean blue lagoons, caves to explore and a whole sky of blue, blue, blue! If your vibe is whitewashed villages, sandy beaches, blue domed churches and narrow streets perfect for impromptu photoshoots then what are you waiting for? Organise your besties and get your tan on here this summer!

Lagos (Portugal)

Golden sandstone cliffs rising out of the impossibly clear sea are what’s waiting for you in Portugal. Make sure to include a kayak excursion if you’re heading to Lagos on our Iberian Adventure! Spectacular grottos, sea caves and natural arches make it easy to imagine this would have made a stellar hideout for pirates in days gone by. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, it’s unlikely you’ll stay dry for long.


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