The Top 10 Most Photogenic Desserts in Europe

Rach Kusel

By Rach Kusel
07 Nov 2018

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When it comes to narrowing down the most photogenic, mouth-watering, diet-destroying desserts of Europe, there’s plenty of competition. But today the gloves come off and the heavy hitters are out – we have our top 10 sweet treats that are just as perfect for the ‘gram as they are for your mouth. Just try not to drool on your screen, ok?

10. Crepes, France

Ok, kicking off the list with a classic. Light, delicious French crepes have spread to all corners of the globe and there’ll forever be arguments on what the ideal toppings are supposed to be. Plain icing sugar dusted on top? Lemon and sugar? Berries and cream? Nutella?! I mean, you’d better get a few, just to see which looks better on the ‘gram. Yeah…for research purposes.

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9. Paczki, Poland

These traditional Polish doughnuts take out our number 9 spot. These little deep-fried bundles of joy are usually slightly flattened, and filled with a tasty sweet filling like jam or cream. Any Polish person will probably tell you they’re meant to have a prune filling, but clearly there’s a huge range of options! Whether they’re glazed, sprinkled with icing sugar or coated in lemon zest – they’re gonna look damn good.

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8. Pasteis de Nata, Lisbon

The iconic pastry symbol of Portugal’s capital has travellers flocking to sample it’s crispy yet flaky deliciousness. The custard filling should have just a hint of vanilla, and the top should have a bit of charred spotting. Our mouths are watering just looking at these pictures and thinking about it. #snackgoals

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7. Stroopwafels, The Netherlands

If you haven’t had one of these yet, add it to your foodie bucket list IMMEDIATELY. Two ultra-thin waffles, squished together with a layer of caramel syrup inside…we know you can get plastic wrapped versions in supermarkets around the world, but trust us, it’s just not the same. Stroll the winding streets of Amsterdam and pick up one of these from the locals who know how to make them best, and take your shot!

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6. Churros, Spain

Coming in at number 6 on our countdown, the Spanish Churros. This fried-dough pastry is coated in sugary goodness and usually served with chocolate dipping sauce, or sometimes gooey caramel. It’s hard not to induce jealousy on your feed when you’re holding a handful of these glorious gifts from above.

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5. Go.fre Waffles, Bruges

These are not like regular waffles, these are cool waffles. Go.fre based in Bruges have taken innovation to the next level by introducing waffles on sticks. Choose your toppings from a massive selection, and you’re good to go! These are much easier to eat while walking around and sight-seeing, and look even better in pics.

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4. Macaroons, Paris

Delicate, classy, and just freakin’ pretty. No one can deny that. Macaroons take the fourth spot on our countdown for Insta-worthy European treats! The flavour range just keeps on growing for these colourful little biscuits, and we can’t think of anywhere better to chow down on these than beautiful Paris.

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3. Gelato, Rome

Of course this one was going to be near the top! You can’t really go wrong with gelato can you? It’s hard to beat a big scoop or three of true Italian gelato. And what better place to stroll around smugly with a heavily-laden waffle cone than Rome? One of the best things about this city is that you can’t walk for more than a couple of minutes without seeing another gelato shop. So mix up those flavours and get snapping!

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2. Bled Cream Cake, Bled

Taking out the silver is a bit of an unsung hero. Didn’t see this one coming? You can find the delicious layered Bled Cream Cake in the stunning surrounds of Lake Bled in Slovenia. There’s just something incredibly photogenic about the buttery crispy crust, the vanilla cream, the whipped cream and the dusting of icing sugar…the jaw-dropping views of the lake also make for a pretty epic backdrop.

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1. Trdelník, Prague

And the top spot goes to…the majestic spinning wonder of the Trdelník, or Chimney Cake! It was a tough countdown, but how can anything really compete with this one – I mean, it looks like a donut and ice cream sundae all in one. These tasty grilled doughnuts were originally from Hungary, but have found a cult following in Prague. Usually topped with sugar, these treats are now often filled with gelato and topped with anything your sweet tooth desires. Worthy of a gold medal for sure.


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