Hot New Destinations For The Summer

Andre Oliveira

By Andre Oliveira
01 Feb 2017

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Who’s ready for the summer? We are! But then again, when are we not? As we start anticipating the beginning of another great season it only seemed reasonable to pick the hottest destinations for the year. The ones we’ve been dreaming about revisiting and the ones that will knock your socks off at first sight. Bon voyage!


The most recent addition to our Hop-on Hop-off network, Portugal is one of those places you should make a point of visiting. We’ve already given your the low-down on what to do in Lisbon, but there’s more to this little corner of Europe than meets the eye! Porto, the second biggest city, has a diverse nightlife and several local delicacies you’ll want to present your tastebuds with. Do not leave without trying a francesinha (the most impressive sandwich you’ll ever see)!

Portugal is also big on culture, with several museums and important monuments deserving a note on your bucket list. From the Belém Tower in Lisbon to Porto’s Clérigos Church you’ll be hard pressed not to find something spectacular to make your Instagram posts the envy of your friends. Lagos, one of the stops on the Iberian Adventure, has long been a Busabout favourite with its mix of non-stop party vibes, incredible coastal scenery and delicious food. Hit one or hit them all, Portugal will earn a space in your heart no matter what.


Considered one of the most rewarding parts of Europe to visit right now (even if we say so ourselves!), the Balkans offer a genuine beauty rarely found these days. They’re filled with unexpected hidden gems that will leave you in awe and wondering why it took you so long to visit. We’re talking incredible landscapes, impressive architecture and some of the funniest characters you are likely to come across in your life.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re so excited about our brand new Balkan trips! They’re surely the most exciting way to get from Split to Athens or vice versa. It’s a history-filled ride full of undiscovered goodness at every turn. From the magnificent views of the Bay of Kotor to the sight of the imposing Mostar Bridge and Meteora’s mountaintop monasteries, it won’t take you long to realise you’re experiencing something so unique. This is the ‘off the beaten path’ everybody raves about, the slice of Europe that’s yet to be discovered.


The funny thing about Greece is that no matter how many times you visit, it’ll always feel like the first time. Yes, it’s that great. We’re no exception to that rule. Every other day we dream about strolling in the whitewashed wonder that is Mykonos, savouring the jaw-dropping sunset that Santorini gifts the world every day, or eating yet another gyros for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh well, we just can’t get enough of it!

This year, whether you opt for the flexible option (careful, you might end up staying all summer and not even notice!) or the fixed itinerary, including all transport, accommodation and exciting day trips, you are guaranteed to fall in love with Greece. The people, the culture and the food are some of the best in the world and if you need any proof of this just ask anyone who’s only been there once how badly they want to go back again!