Destination: Slovenia

Susie Byrd

By Susie Byrd
24 May 2017

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Mission impossible: not to fall in love with Slovenia. Seriously, this country is the absolute shiz. With half of the country covered in forest, it’s certainly no city slicker. Originally home to dinosaurs from the Triassic period and more recently home to the filming team from Chronicles of Narnia, Slovenia really has some hidden depths. Here’s a list of top things you need to do while you’re there:


Vintgar Gorge

Located a short taxi ride (or longer walk) from Bled, Vintgar Gorge is high rocky walls, lush rainforest and an electric green river coursing through. Follow along wooden pathways that hug the walls of the ravine and criss cross the water for some serious back to nature treks. Test out the freezing water temperature if you dare, or fill up your waterbottle with this clean water! Make sure to perch yourself on the bridge over the impressive waterfall at the end.

Castle Bathing Area in Lake Bled

It might be a foreign concept paying to swim in a lake and while there are areas to take a dip without forking out money, here’s what you’re spending your coins on to enter the Castle Bathing Area. It’s in the shadow of the impressive castle and has two waterslides, a trampoline, two outdoor swimming pools, a climbing wall, a jump board and even a few swings! Once you’re significantly exhausted, relax lakeside with an umbrella chair or have a bite to eat in one of the nearby cafes.

Hire a Pletna Boat

Get your traditional on and for the meagre price of 12 Euro hire a flat bottomed wooden boat to row out into the middle of Lake Bled. With their colourful awnings and enough space for 20 people, no one need be left behind on this mini-adventure. You can usually choose to do your own paddling or have a very well respected oarsman charter your vessel. An absolute must: make sure your watery journey includes a visit to the island in the middle of the lake. If you’ve selected the treat yoself no row option, get your exercise for the day by hiking up the 99 steps to the church. If you’ve misplaced your magic lantern, ring the bell to make your wishes come true.

Eat a Horse Burger in Ljubljana

If you’re feeling so hungry you could eat a horse, test that theory at Hot Horse. Practically a Ljubljana institution this is a must stop for any brave visitor. Be it in a wrap, hot dog or as a steak, there’s plenty of variety here with a huge choice in toppings and sauces. For those that have packed on some holiday weight it’s also a bonus healthier choice with the meat being a lean, mean protein machine!

Emerald River Adventure

If you feel like taking an epic roadtrip rather than a day tour this is the squad you need to hang with! 3glav runs a 12 hour day, driving through scenic mountains with 3 hikes of about 30-45 mins each, some swim stops and your choice whether to jump on board the whitewater rafting experience in the Soča River. With a max of 8 people per guide, get your crew together for a fun day. There’s a reason why LOVE is literally in Slovenia and exploring the Triglav National Park and Julian Alps, you’ll begin to know why!

Visit Metelkova Mesto in Ljubljana

If you’re stopping off in the super cute Ljubljana (if you’re not, please question… why?) then head to the Alternative Culture Centre. A haven for artists and a colony of colour. Plenty to Instagram by day and dance to by night. The Metelkova Mesto is host to a number of clubs blasting out alternative tunes in what was originally military barracks of the Austro-Hungarian army. Truly a city within a city and the perfect place to meet new friends to party with at many of the live events hosted in this area!

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