Busabout Love Stories


By Busabout
14 Feb 2020

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In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we asked our passengers to share with us their Busabout love stories. From meeting on trips to getting engaged and renewing vows, Busabout has had the pleasure of being part of many love stories and we couldn't be more grateful!

Keep reading for some incredible love stories from our wonderful passengers.

Rubi and Stan - Renewed their wedding vows on the USA East to West Roadtrip

Brooke our guide suggested a marriage ceremony in Las Vegas, but there were no volunteers. Stan and I were the only married couple, so why not a wedding vows renewal? At first we were a bit reluctant but soon warmed to the suggestion. Everyone soon got into the spirit and were full of enthusiasm and encouragement. Will our driver is a bit hesitant but soon changed his mind when Stan asked him to be the best man.

Because we were travelling casually and didn't have suitable clothes for such a great occasion, off we went to the nearest outlet. Brooke was fantastic, she arranged the whole thing - chapel, limousine, flowers, champagne, the photographer and even Elvis to perform the ceremony. On the day there was great excitement, everybody got into the spirit of the occasion. Our fellow travellers even the put on their best clothes and make up!

Stan and I felt emotional and honoured to be the center of attention, surrounded by our new supportive friends.

The ceremony was fun but also meaningful. The champagne flowed and a great time was had by all. Brooke our guide looked fabulous and she caught the bouquet of flowers! Everybody chipped in with money to pay for the photographs which was greatly appreciated.

Thank you Brooke, thank you BUSABOUT, thanks to all our beautiful fellow Busabout travellers, we cherish the memories.

Rubi and Stan

Shauna and Aaron - got engaged in Santorini on the Greek Island Flexi Hopper

Our story began almost 10 years ago when we met in our home town of Mackay, Queensland, Australia. We had travelled to 10 countries together previously and had decided to book our 2019 Eurotrip with Busabout, just the two of us.

Aaron formed a close bond with quite a few of the Busabout drivers and informed them of his plans to propose. Aaron took me into Zara in Venice and told me to choose a dress which raised my suspicions.

Aaron thought about proposing in Croatia, but the weather wasn’t perfect. He knew my love of photos and ended up hiring a photographer in Santorini and proposed as the sun was setting, followed by a romantic dinner to celebrate.

After Aaron’s proposal all the Busabout staff were so beautiful, celebrating with us, then when we arrived back in Australia we came home to a package from Busabout, which made it all the more special.

Shauna and Aaron

Erin and Josh - got engaged in Grunau on the Alpine Festive Trek

We are Australian and what better way to spend the holidays than a white Christmas! Our new Busabout travel companions consisted of people from the UK, USA and Australia. Being on a once in a lifetime adventure together, we became a family sharing our experiences travelling around on our Busabout European Christmas holiday.

Erin was unaware that I had been planning the proposal for months leading up to our trip. Researching our stops, I considered where would be the best location to propose, should it be day, night, morning, there were so many beautiful locations. The tour was over Christmas and New Year and it was snowing on all the beautiful mountain ranges - you can't get much better then that. I narrowed it down to two spots Switzerland or Austrian Alps.

As the whole bus group and tour guide and our driver were such cool down to earth people, I thought it was time I let our new family in on my secret proposal which made the experience even better. Arriving in Switzerland, the weather was a complete snowy whiteout which made the decision easy; it was going to be on the Austrian Alps on Christmas Day. It was the picture perfect, gently snowing on the Austrian alps with all our friends in the lodge drinking and waiting for us to come in and start the party!

We are getting married this year! And guess what? Our Busabout friends will be meeting us in Vegas to celebrate! During our time on the Busabout tour we have gained so much more than anticipated. We have made lifelong friendships and memories that will never be forgotten. Busabout you ROCK.

Erin and Josh

James and Nicola - Met on a Busabout trip in the USA

I did not go on the trip to find love, but it’s when you're not looking for that it happens.

We went on a bike ride and that is when I first fully started talking to Nicola. We found a couple of common interests and hit it off straight away. The guy I was sharing a room with asked if I liked anyone and I said her. Same happened for her and she said me.

We finally kissed one night after a few beers. We were both worried that that was it, but I went and sat next to her and we listened to music for the whole bus ride - it made a 5 hour journey seem like 10 minutes with her!

When you meet someone on a trip, you think “was it a holiday romance?” But we met up pretty soon after and realised it was something more. I then asked her out before I went on my next trip.

James and Nicola