Best Wine Regions To Visit Around The World


By Busabout
24 Feb 2020

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You can’t call yourself a true wine connoisseur until you’ve both tasted a huge variety of the world’s finest and find out how they’re made. Fortunately, you can tick both those boxes off your to-do list by visiting the world’s best wine regions.

But which wine regions are actually worth visiting? The answer is thousands of them. But if you want to experience the ‘must-visits’, we highly recommend the following regions.

Marlborough, New Zealand

New Zealand doesn’t enjoy the reputation it deserves as being one of the world’s best wine producers. But almost every wine lover knows Marlborough sauvignon blanc, which is produced in the region of – as you might expect – Marlborough. Marlborough is the nation’s largest wine region. Though New Zealand is home to around 200 of them, and they’re all worth a visit. Visit one of the very best on a fantastic tour of the award-winning Georges Michel Wine Estate with AAT Kings. Enjoy a wine tasting session, tour of the vineyard and dinner on one of their winery tours.

Bordeaux, France

The French city of Bordeaux is synonymous with fine wines. In fact, the French have a reputation for producing some of the very best bottles of ‘du Vin’. The city is possibly the world’s most famous ‘Old World’ wine region. It even has a wine-themed amusement park to celebrate the rich history of its vineyards and vintners. Some of the best-known producers from the region include Lafite, Chateau Margaux and Latour.

La Rioja, Spain

In many markets, the word ‘Rioja’ is strongly associated with exceptional wine craftsmanship. The region’s producers take pride in both contemporary and ancient winemaking techniques to produce beverages with a unique flavour. Many wines from La Rioja are made from rich red fruit with a touch of spice, flavoured to perfection. But a wide range of white and red wines come from this revered wine region.

Lavaux, Switzerland

The Swiss wine region of Lavaux isn’t just known for its tasty selection of wines. This 800-hectare region is so stunning that it has a well-deserved UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. Most of the vineyards are located by the northern banks of Lake Geneva, which – backdropped by rugged mountains – is a sight to behold in itself. Pinot Noir and Chasselas account for 60% of grape production in the nation. And, if you want to try a delicious glass of Swiss wine, you need to go to Switzerland; only a small fraction of all wine produced here gets exported. Stop by Lavaux on your way through Bern on our travel network.

Paso Robles, California

Now, let’s leave Europe and head over to the US’s Golden State. California, also nicknamed The Grape State, is one of the nation’s biggest producers of fine wines. The Paso Robles region’s best-known wine is the Zinfandel. However, if you’re visiting this American wine mecca, we highly recommend sampling a glass or three of Cabernet Sauvignon. Paso Robles is located almost directly between San Francisco and California. If you’re a wine connoisseur in either of those cities, you’ve no excuse not to pay Paso Robles a visit.

Hunter Valley, Australia

Just like its neighbour New Zealand, Australia is proudly responsible for producing some of the world’s most highly esteemed wines. And the most impressive wine region in the nation is the Hunter Valley. Embark on the Hunter Valley Harvest Wine Experience tour, and you’ll visit vineyards, learn how your favourite beverages are made and view the stunning countryside vistas of the region. And, of course, you’ll get to sample lots of tasty wines.

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