5 Essential Apps For Your Summer Trip

Andre Oliveira

By Andre Oliveira
01 Feb 2017

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Packing in the 21st century has become much more than just dumping all your clothes in a bag and hoping for the best. You wouldn’t leave home without your phone, would you? So it’s become as important to make sure you’ve downloaded the right apps before heading out the door. We know how it is, so we got ourselves out there and handpicked 5 apps that will surely make your life easier in Europe this summer!



While not technically an app, the mobile friendly version of our trip planner will be an essential part of your trip. With it you will be able to make crucial changes to your itinerary after getting some great last minute recommendations from the new friends you just made on the coach! You’ll also be able to book accommodation on the go & add in that Balkan Adventure you’ve always wanted to take. We’re true to our ‘Create Your Own Adventure’ motto, and MyTrip certainly makes us swear by it.


In the unlikely event you still haven’t got this app installed on your phone, get on it ASAP! And tell everyone you know to do the same. It’s like texting to any device, but free. Nothing beats having the time of your life while making all your friends back home jealous as you flood the group chat with pictures of stunning places. What’s more, last year they introduced a call service that pretty much allows you to call anyone for free (as long as you’re both connected to the Internet) via the app. It doesn’t get better than this!

XE Currency

Even though you’ll be using the Euro across most of Europe, there are still a number of countries that use different currencies. Yes, you will feel extremely confused going from Koruna to Zloty to Florint in the space of a few days, but that’s perfectly normal (been there, done that). This neat little app will save you a few headaches and possibly even some money. Find out how expensive that overpriced souvenir really is or figure out if you’re being ripped off while exchanging currencies at the distance of a tap. It even works offline!



The European summer is an unpredictable beast. The hottest days will sometimes bring the chilliest nights and the scorching heat will sometimes be followed by a downpour of rain – it doesn’t make it any less sexy, just unpredictable. This app will ensure you’re ready for every possible scenario at any given time. Give it a look before leaving your hostel to see if you should pack a windbreaker or if it’s better to wear a hat instead. You’ll be surprised by how accurate it is.



Unless being completely lost in the middle of a place where no one speaks your language is your definition of fun (we wouldn’t judge, it’s actually pretty fun!) this one sort of goes without saying. Not just that, it’s a great way to make sure you always know the way back to the hostel. These days the app even allows you to save maps for offline use, which is extremely useful for those who don’t fancy carrying bits of paper paper around all day everyday.