2 Week Trips

The perfect taster of Europe

Explore iconic hotspots and lesser known gems on these 6 itineraries

Planning a big trip is exciting, but there’s always the age-old battle of never having enough annual leave or university holidays to fit in all the must-see spots. Never fear, we’re here to help! On these 2-week itineraries, you’ll get a great taster of Europe’s iconic cities (and some under the radar gems too), with enough time to really explore each destination and make the most of every moment of your leave from the office or lectures.

We know you’ll want to cover a decent amount of ground while on your trip, so these 2-week, multi-city getaways will see you explore the very best that Europe has to offer, from beaches to mountains and big cities to quiet cobblestone lanes. You’ll try delicious foods, enjoy amazing architecture and soak up all the rich history of these incredible destinations – what more could you want?!