Roman Knights to Lovers Lights

49 day trip to Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

These destinations really knock off the best of Europe. Culture, mountains and beaches combine to give you the most varied experience leaving you fulfilled in your heart, mind and of course, stomach. The Italian adventure gives you access to amazing sandwiches, if you have ever wondered why Joey on friends favourite food is sandwiches, then start in Italy. Lake Como is just so peaceful and the perfect place to unwind from Europe. Nice is just pretty, with its long walks and delicious drinks. The Iberian Adventure gets you to the most beautiful city in Europe, Lisbon. Or Porto, okay 2 of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Cobbled streets and tiled buildings, it’s a photographers dream. Finally, you finish with San Sebastian for some surf, sun and pinxos before getting to the city of love.

Dan Livingstone | Product Supervisor Europe

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