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Funicular Ticket Office Via della Pesa, 27, 05018 Orvieto Scalo TR, Italy

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Trip runs between 07 May - 14 Oct, 2018 in every 2 days.
Next departure from Orvieto to Florence is on Tue, 21 Aug.

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Must See & Do

The City

Perched atop a dramatic clifftop of ancient volcanic rock, with the Umbrian countryside sprawling in all directions below, Orvieto is everything an Italian hill town should be; quiet and peaceful, with shady, jasmine-scented cafés and squares just waiting for you to take a seat and soak up the atmosphere. Or if it’s too hot out, you could make like a rabbit and explore the underground warren of medieval tunnels carved into the volcanic hillside. The zebra striped cathedral is an absolute must too.


Pigeon and dove are both traditionally widely used in Orvieto cooking, and palomba alla leccarda is a pigeon casserole with wine and olives that’s very typical of the town’s culinary traditions. Alternatively try some umbricelli pasta, made using only flour and water, which was invented here.


Crocifisso del Tufo Etruscan Necropolis (Etruscan Tombs)
One of only two Etruscan necropolises in Umbria, it dates back to the mid-6th century B.C. and is an enlightening example of the engineering superiority of this ancient but highly advanced civilization.

Must Sees

  1. Duomo This 14th century Roman Catholic cathedral is one of the most spectacular in Italy. Its Capello di Madonna di San Brizio contains Luca Signorelli’s Last Judgment, considered by many to be his masterpiece.
  2. Orvieto Caves Underground cave network beneath the city which the locals have used for various purposes like air raid shelters during WWII.
  3. St Patrick's Well Dating back to 1537, the largest of the town’s subterranean wells measures 62-meters-deep and has two spiral staircases, one for descending and one for ascending, that provided residents essential access to the water source at its base.
  4. Torre del Moro The 13th century clock tower chimes on the hour, half and quarter hours, so you’ll never need a wristwatch. Climb the 270 stairs to the top for a bird’s eye view of Orvieto’s terracotta rooftops and surrounding countryside
  5. La Rocca/Fortress of Albornoz A former 14th century fortress that today serves as the town’s public gardens.

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