How To Plan Your Trip

Your perfect trip in minutes

Planning, creating and booking a trip has never been easier. Choose between customising popular routes so you have the perfect trip or build one from scratch with our simple online trip builder.

Search for popular itinerary

The quickest and simplest way to start planning your trip is to pick a popular itinerary and customize it to your needs.

Update your travel preferences:

  • Select your starting city
  • Use the slider to adjust the length of your trip
  • Update your results to pick a trip and get started
Search for popular itinerary
Combine Itineraries

Click the ‘Include Bundle’ switch to see trip routes that have additional experiences attached to them. These could include Adventures, Sailing & Island Hopping trips or Festivals. Or choose to add these available experiences when customising your trip later on.

Bundle a Adventure or Sailing trip

Itinerary results
Build your own itinerary

Select the first option ‘Make Your Own Way’ to build your perfect trip from our Hop-On Hop-Off Coach Network and include Adventures, Sailing & island Hopping or Festivals for additional experiences.

Tell us your travel preference

  • Select your starting city
  • Then create a route from the options provided when adding additional destinations
  • Use the expandable network map in the bottom corner as a route reference
Build your own itinerary from scratch
Preview Itinerary

Preview the below from your chosen trip:

  • Map of trip route
  • Number of coach stops for each destination
  • Duration of the trip
  • Number of destinations and countries you will visit
  • Description of each destination
  • Approximate number of travellers on the trip
Preview your itinerary
Departure Date & Travellers

Pick the start date to begin your trip and the number of travellers. The 2019 Hop-on Hop-off Europe seasons runs frequent departures from May 1 through to October 8.

Select number of travellers

Select your departure date
Save Progress & Continue Later

We understand that planning your perfect trip may be time-consuming, so we make it easy for you to save your progress to come back to later.

We simply ask for basic personal details such as your name and e-mail address to send you the link to get back to where you left off from anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Save your progress and continue later

The fun begins here with full trip personalisation

Add More Destination

Add more destinations to your itinerary and link-up with popular connecting trips from Adventures, Sailing and Island Hopping and Festivals.

Customize itinerary by adding extra stops or other trips
Update Itinerary

Ok, let's get to the nitty gritty and start tuning our trip to your exact preference per destination by updating the duration of stay.

Update duration of stay for each destination
Remove Itinerary

Made a mistake? No problem. You can remove destinations without restarting again.

Remove individual destinations without restarting again

What about accommodation? We've got it covered!

Update Itinerary

For the Hop-on Hop-off network we provide the option to book cheapest shared dorm or upgrade to private room for bit of luxury.

You have the option to:

  • Book accommodation for the entire trip
  • Choose accommodation per destination
  • Book your own accommodation
Add accommodation to your trip
Book your perfect trip

How will you travel?

Make My Own Way

Create your own tailor made trip with the simple trip builder wizard.

Build My Own Trip

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